One more thing I've gotten wrong...the tooth fairy

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  • RisingEagle

    It started at Christmas. My seven year old took one look under the tree Chrstmas morning and said, "I heard you guys in here wrapping presents last night." Oops.

    Tonight, she lost her last baby tooth (I think). She pulled it right after her bath, and since I'm playing Mr. Mom this week (Mom's on a mission in Nicaragua) I couldn't just bundle her up and go the store to get some silver coinage. I've been making an effort to spend my change lately and I only have pennies and folding money. So I grabbed a dollar and snuck into our bedroom where she's been sleeping (I sleep on the couch when my wife is away - that way I can leave the tv on. I must have noise to fall asleep to and usually my wife's snoring does that nicely, thank you) and managed to kick the leg of the bed with my bare feet. It didn't wake her all the way up, but she shuffled in her sleep and put a death hold on the pillow. So I wrote a note 'Where's my tooth? TF' and put it under the pillow in her bedroom along with the dollar.

    Not having grown up with this kind of stuff, I'm wishing I had an instruction book for 'worldly' traditions so I could make her childhood more meaningful. Sigh.

  • TheSilence

    You don't need worldly traditions, you need family traditions. Find what is meaningful to each of you separately and make them your own. Seriously, there is no calculation for Christmas, the tooth fairy, the Easter Bunny, etc. You will find ways to create the magic for your daughter because you care enough to try.


  • BabaYaga

    Sounds to me like you're doing just PERFECT, Hon.

    Keep up the great work... it's the love that makes the magic, it sounds like you've got plenty of that.


  • Gopher

    Eagle, we do have to make it up as we go along, those of us raised in the JW atmosphere.

    I think you did great -- as a fellow dad I am proud of your effort. Seven year old girls love a little fantasy, that note was really nice. I expect she'll wake up with a big grin!!

  • real one
    real one

    I never really understood why parents lie to their children about such things. I certainly didnt get anything out of being lied to except learning how to lie. then when as a kid you do lie to your parents you get in trouble for it. I never told these lies to my children. i do remember having to convince my son that there was no santa clause! he had gotten this information from school boy what an influence. This was something else that drew me to the jw the no practice of holidays. i felt that way before i met them then they just sealed those feelings in me. now that im wiser though i celebrate what i want but without lies. i always felt guilty no celebrating my kids birthdays though i knew some jw that did.

    oh well each to his own, just dont get mad when your kids lie to you.

  • serotonin_wraith

    It was great believing in the tooth fairy. Even though it wasn't true, it was fun. I didn't hate my parents for lying, I understood it was all for fun.

    Teaching me about the lie of God was a mistake however. No fun in that. Only fear and a block to scientific facts.

    real one, as you don't like liars, I won't lie and tell you I don't think you're a real life scrooge. People can still enjoy xmas without believing in the myths of Santa and Jesus.

  • Casper


    That was so precious to read...

    Your daughter is truly blessed to have a father like you, whose willing to go the extra mile.


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