JW's and divorce...higher or lower than average, or just average?

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  • gaiagirl

    Do JW's enjoy more stable, happier marriages as a result of applying "Bible Principles", or does the stress of toeing the line make their marriages break up more frequently? Or, do they pretty much match the national average?

  • Zico

    I think statistics show they match the average.

    A JW told me he overheard a Bethelite tell someone that divorce had now become as common in the Society as in every other group in the world. He was taken aback.

  • Casper

    I know of 5 in my old congregation of about 80 publishers, over a 13 year period.


  • WTWizard

    There are two forces that counterbalance each other. There are plenty of stagnant, loveless marriages (more than in the world) that would merit a divorce (some include abuse). However, there is the grim spector of celibacy for those who divorce other than for adultery, since anyone that divorces for abuse or stagnation cannot remarry.

    If you asked about the number of marriages that are happy (and I mean genuinely happy, not the faux "happiness" that they are supposed to showcase), it approaches zero after only a few years. That is because of the stagnation. Unless both people have as their deepest motivation field circus, it is not going to be mutually satisfying for long. And the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger keeps intruding on what they are allowed to do in bed (oral sex is something that will invite a call from Brother Hounder). Add a liberal dose of stress (not doing enough, money problems, never having time to relax) and guilt (more not doing enough), and it's a wonder there is any romantic love at all in the Washtowel Society.

  • SirNose586

    According to the recent Pew report, of the 213 JWs surveyed, there was a 14% divorce rate.

    It's interesting, but the sample size is a bit small to draw any larger conclusions....

    Edit: The average divorce rate, of over 35,000 persons surveyed, was 12%. The Hindus were the most admirable in this category: they could boast a 5% divorce rate, with 0% living with a partner.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I would say the same or higher

  • justhuman

    From my personal expierience in my country I would say it is higher than the average. There are many divorces due to fornication and other subjects...

    Few examples:

    1. Wife's elder(abusive husband) leaves the house and has an affair

    2.Ministerial servants wife(abusive husband)leaves the house because he was violent and she hit her when she was bregrant...she lost the babe and as a result she cannot have children

    3.Ministerial servants wife(abusive husband)leaves the house because she had an affair with a wordly person

    4.Another case like the one above but the husband wasn't abusive she has an affair with wordly person and he gets baptized!!!(nice way to bring dubs in the Org!!!)

    5.Elders wife has an affair and leaves the house

    6.Ministerial servants wife she was lesbian

    7.A couple gets divorce both in the "truth"and they get married with another "faithfull"mate...

    8. A very rich witness still in the "truth" because he gives lot of money and presents to the Org and the CO's, he left his wife, and stay's in a luxury villa. Everyone knows that he is hanging around with nice women but they don't have a proof!!! By the way he got a sexual transmitted dissease...money will cover a multitude of sins...said St. Paul

    9. Ministerial servant leaves the wife and kid because he liked to hang to strip clubs....

    10. A couple of special pioneers seperated because the wife has an affair

    I mean this are few cases that I remember in my country that we got 2000 JW's!!! I can imagine what is happening in the rest of the Western World...

    Ther reason is that JW's are getting married because they need sex...after that problems arise. Personality etc etc. The stupid logic of the WT that when both are JW's and they are in good standing and they love Jehovah is okey, it just creates more problems, since the Org likes to contol every aspect of a JW life including marriage


  • jwfacts

    I have done research on this and the number is the same as the rest of the population. I have embedded the article. It is interesting, as the Watchtower dishonestly tries to prove it is far lower by saying the rate is 5% for JWs and 50% for the world by comparing totally unrelated statistics. The rate in is that 5% of the entire population has been divorced - slightly more in the US

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