Kicked off a plane for praying! Or *was* it for that...?

by AlmostAtheist 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • rmt1

    Sorry, Israelites, but this is broken wing flapping and crying fowl of the finest kind. Where in that entire airport could this faithful gentleman NOT have found a damn two minutes on two square feet to successfully negotiate the perils of a good pray? This is shoving one's religion down another's throat by indirection, claims to persecution, and guilt. There is not the slightest need for hand-wringing by those who watched him get escorted off. There should be no apologies, either. JWs LIVE for this shit.

  • nelly136
    U rbanksi said flights cannot depart if all passengers are not in their seats, which risks a delay, and it is important that passengers listen to the instructions of the flight crew.

    sounds like reasonable rule for health safety and timetables.

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