A "Return Visit"'s Experience with a JW Pedophile

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  • Ruth Eeker
    Ruth Eeker

    Hi Folks,

    Someone posted this below experience on my facebook group and just thought I'd put it up....they were someone's return visit.

    All these abuse stories never fail to bug and frustrate the $hit out of me. Why is it so bloody hard to inform the police?!
    And I know , I know the reason why they cover up...its just so bloody frustrating and of course sad.

    How can they think Jehovah looks down and is happy with them sheilding disgusting men who take children's innocence?
    And of course the ultimate...when this stuff gets out....don't they realize it is a "bad witness"?!?!?!

    Anyways, that's it...I just had to vent and share with my people. ;)


    Member experience: Ten years ago when me and my family first moved to the area where we live now some Jehovah's Witnesses started calling.
    They were nice enough people I thought, and even though I was never going to be converted into their society I did strike up a freindship with a couple of the mums who had children around the same age as mine.
    Soon a man called Bob Bill started visiting and inviting me & my family round to his quite often , which I thought to be quite nice of him although we were rather busy with other things and couldn't often go.
    Bob however called at my home intermittantly, asking if my two little girls could go and play at his retreat......luckily I always had an excuse as to why they could not go, and therefore thank goodness this man did not have access to my girls.
    Recently he was arrested for the attempted abduction of a 5 year old girl....... It came to light that he moved to this area having been arrested for something similar in the past.
    Also he had been abusing the young daughter of one of the Mums I knew (the CID officer who interveiwed me later told me the jehovahs witness elders had tried to cover it up and deal with it themselves) and had child pornography on his computer....
    And all the while he was going from door to door preaching !!!

  • asilentone
  • Hope4Others
    the CID officer who interveiwed me later told me the jehovahs witness elders had tried to cover it up and deal with it themselves) and had child pornography on his computer....

    How typical, how disgusting, I hope parents with learn by all these experiences they read, and god forbid if anything

    happened to their family in this way, go straight to the police. After my sisters (daughters) experience it really woke me up

    to how real this is everywhere through out the org.


  • yknot


    My first KH (Houston area) warned us about 'wolves in sheeps clothing'.

  • WTWizard

    And they wonder why I am embarrassed to be associated with the witlesses. So much so that last fall, after the NBC report, I went out and put double the Christmas lights in the windows so that no one would ever mistake me for one of those cockroaches.

  • LouBelle

    I'm always at a loss as to WHY the elders would want to cover this up - I know about the "not looking bad" or "theocratic" reasons but surely some of these men are fathers themselves .... what does that say about their humaness?

  • InquiryMan

    I remember, when I was an elder some years ago, the question of police reporting on paedophilia came up in informal discussions. All fathers were determined to report it to the police, and their wives even more so...

  • greendawn

    There is nothing difficult about it they were instructed to cover up such cases to minimise the possibilities of having to pay damages to the victims. It's a financial consideration by an org which has material wealth as its supreme value.

    They were once accusing other religions of having pedophiles while they were supposedly clean, now they know they have plenty of their own.

  • Lady Lee
    Lady Lee

    The order for cover-ups aside I think the elders really don't want to believe that a baptized JW will sit in front of them and lie to their faces. The elders need to believe this is not happening in "their" congregation by someone they know - perhaps even a family member or another elder.

    Like many parents who discover their spouse is an abuser they quickly realize that the unthinkable is a reality and it is easier to pretend it isn't happening. What will happen to them? What does it say about them as the spouse of an abuser? What will the neighbors think if they find out? How will my child deal with this if it goes to court and has to testify? (This last one is a false desire to protect the child and is more to protect the non-abusive parent)

    The elders and the WTS are no different than the non-abusing spouse. It is easier to believe the spouse who denies the abuse. It is easier to think the victim is lying. It is easier to brush it all under the carpet.

    This kind of thinking does nothing to protect the victim(s).

    The only thing the abuser needs to be safe is for everyone to do nothing.

    The only thing the victim needs to be safe is for people to stand up and say this is wrong and take action.

    Another thought on this:

    When the elders get involved in this adn have their little intervention they will most often come to the conclusion that there is nothing they can do. If they have interviewed the victim and the abuser and cannot come to some agreement on whether the abuse happened or not then in reality they cannot do anything else based on their directions as elders. On the congregational level there isn't anything they can do. There aren't two witnesses to come forward to attest to the facts.

    As ELDERS who are bound by the rules of the WTS the believe they have done their best to uncover the truth. But their boundaries are limited tot he congregation. And they have no power or influence over what the legal authorities might do. Sadly the WTS says one thing but enforces another. They say the elders should take the next step and go to the authorities but they also tell the elders (and all JWs) not to let bad things go out of the congregation. They must appear spotless to the world

    This "spotless to the world" takes priority over the laws of the land, and before the needs of the victim. If they can hide it they must hide it. Therefore the victim's family are rarely encouraged to go to the authorities.

    But by then the elders have seriously contaminated with any evidence and the victim who has been retraumaized by the actions or inactions of the elders.

    Priorities for elders:

    • Protect Jehovah's name
    • Protect the congregation's reputation
    • Protect the Truth ©
    • Protect the adults
    • Protect the child (this last one is the "do nothing" option)

    Victims have small chance of getting the help they need.

  • www.thefaithdebate.com

    I am so sick of sites that are exclusive or close-mined, why cant all God's (so-called) people stop arguing and killing each other!!! I have a video on this topic at www.thefaithdebate.com if anyone wants a look. I would suggest we all get out there (anywhere and everywhere) and tell people the truth!!

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