Has anyone ever faced someone they "converted" to the dubs?

by SPAZnik 4 Replies latest jw experiences

  • SPAZnik

    Where to even begin? ////// I don't believe it anymore. At all. ////// In fact, it's upsetting to see them being upset by all the "doomsday is soooooo close" mentality. ////// I guess I'm still feeling responsible because I was the one who converted them in, essentially. ////// But at least one of them seems a bit torn and open to talking. I don't want to overwhelm or scare or make things any worse for them than I already did back when I didn't know any better than to shovel loads of shit. ////// I wonder about my ethical responsibility here ... short of being as humbly honest about my own shift in perspective, and loving them as much as I always have. ////// Your thoughts and insights are welcomed.

  • WTWizard

    Good thing I never misled anyone into the cancer. I have had numerous former workmates from former jobs that refused to join the cancer (good thing), but I have not directly misled anyone in. Thankfully I was lazy when it came to field circus follow-ups (I figured that, if they can promise me the opposite sex and then blatantly do the opposite to me from what they promised, then why should I make a good faith effort to get others to join the cancer).

    Maybe that's why I enjoyed wasting as much of their time as possible, like keeping my big mouth shut when they are driving past the street.

  • wings

    SPAZ, I also have no converts on my record. I do however feel incredible responsibility for TRYING to convert my kids. They were all too smart for me, but the feelings of guilt have been a powerful force in my life. They all tell me to get over it, (tired of the groveling apologies), they all love me, it has been a hard roe to hoe for me.

    Things are better. My therapist says guilt is a useless tool. I'm working on it.


  • MissingLink

    Sure. I feel guily for the very little "seeds of truth" that I planted in the field misery. It must be very hard for someone who's converted someone. I'd say you have to tell them what you know, or else always feel guilty over it.

  • Dagney

    I have faced one. We had been in contact throughout the first 3-4 years I left, but I wasn't sure what to say at that time. I would have always been honest it the situation arose.

    Eventually they came to stay with me and I sat them down and just told them I didn't go anymore, I had issues and until it was worked out to my satisfaction I was going to stay away. If they are open to more info, I give it. If not, I let them go at their own pace. Like right now I am sending them all the news links on the current pedo case here in Cali. We have good discussions and they will be completely out soon.

    The others, I don't think our paths will cross. They must know through the grapevine.

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