Freeing Minds… I’m energized!!! :)

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  • tooktheredpill


    I’m posting this, because I need to share my experience with all of you. I think it is very important to NEVER loose hope, and NEVER GIVE UP, even if you’re still inside the Borg, like me!!

    As you know, it took me about 6 months to set my wife free of the cult, at least mentally for the moment. - (Read the whole story here: )

    I think that we broke that record this week!!

    My wife and I spent about 2 days, and my sister–in-law is out now!!! I’ve never seen somebody using her brain like she did. She’s brilliant! Let me explain:

    Some months ago, I noticed something strange when my sis-in-law told me in a private conversation: “there are things in the KH that I don’t like. Elders are acting like the Pharisees, just giving orders”… So, after my wife “woke up” recently, I told her about that conversation. So, we decided to invite her to stay in our home for a couple of days, and try to see if she was receptive…

    It was just great! First, my wife spent many hours talking with her alone, one time until 3:00 am. She was stunned! Next day, it was my turn. I had printed copies from some old WT publications, and letters (info about the UN scandal, 607/587/1914 issue, misquotes, pedophile issues, etc.), plus copies of letters from the WT to the Elders. (there’s a photocopier in the KH, and I still have access )

    I showed her a lot of stuff, but when she saw the letters from the UN…. That was “the straw that broke the camel’s back”… She said that she never thought that the WT was soooo hypocrite!!! After that, she’s been spending a lot of time researching on the internet.

    I feel happy from certain point of view, but I’m still scared of how other family members will react. She confronted her mom with the information, and I don’t know right now what’s going to happen.

    Keep us in your prayers, “maintain your fingers crossed” or “wish us luck”… We’re going to need it!!!


  • outofthebox

    Yeah baby! That's what I am talking about! Go ttrp! go ttrp! go ttrp! It is a scary/liberating moment, isn't it? -ootb

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Cautious as serpents.....blah, blah.

    But otherwise,


    Great news!

    Thanks for sharing.


  • Hope4Others

    Wishing you well, it is exciting to see others finally get it.



  • Akira

    You know... no matter what happens, we will support you always.



  • tooktheredpill

    Akira and OOTB:

    You know that I appreciate your support from the bottom my heart. I love you both!


  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Wow. Good job. :)

  • chickpea

    it just goes to show that there is a harvest to be had within the b0rg .... and it isnt what they would like to think it is.......

  • MissingLink

    Great to see the good news spreading!

  • Galileo

    Awesome! Good luck with the rest of your family!

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