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  • greendawn

    You have picked some very good points several of the things you mention represent major flaws in the JW organisation. It's nice to see that despite the constant mind conditioning there are still people with a good working brain among the JWs capable of critical thought.

    The GB could never explain how they (supposedly) receive religious revelations and more importantly why so often these revelations turn out to be horribly wrong and need to be revised. Or why they are so important (as they believe) so as to receive a god given monopoly on all revelation and authority at the expense of all the other anointed who are supposed to be fellow inheritors. Back in the early days the GB members were people that had invested a lot of money in the Watchtower corporation rather than people of outstanding spirituality. Things haven't really moved on since.


  • Casper

    Welcome to the board...

    Thanks for sharing your thoughts, most of us have felt the same way.


  • LouBelle

    Hi D-Drone - an welcome - a lil late sorry.

    momz - love that pic of the fairy - you should see the lil fairies my mum bought me, so cute! and perched on top of my pee cee.

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