Hubby s/w Mr. Flipper on the phone last night for about 1 1/2

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  • BabaYaga

    Much love to you and your husband, Cognac, and lots of strength to get through this trying time together.

    Mr. Flipper... I am in awe. You solidly ROCK!!! Awesome job.

    Here's hoping.


  • SnakesInTheTower


    this is why I like Mr Flipper...he is as real as his posts...

    Cognac... hang in there...I bet your husband has a lot to think about now...and sticks closer to you now....

    keep us posted...

    Snakes ()

  • flipper

    BABA YAGA & SNAKES - Thanks for the kind words. I truly feel Cognac's husband is a decent, nice guy after talking with him. Another thing I forgot to mention was that he stated ," I made a dedication to serve Jehovah, not an organization . So if the organization is doing wrong - it is still my responsibility to serve God. " That statement impressed me that he doesn't have as much fear of man as I once thought - in reading Cognac's previous posts about him. So I feel he and Cognac have a good chance at making their little family situation work with a combined effort - as long as her or his family does not interfere too much . That is what I see as the bigger problem here ! Perhaps a move to a different location would find her and her husband more peace ! Peace out,Mr. Flipper

  • SPAZnik

    Is your hubby a bible believer?

  • Rabbit

    Mr. Flipper...

    You did a good thing, for a good reason, for some more good people.

    Damn good.


  • SirNose586
    I said that I believe a cult is when people follow people.

    There's more to it than that. There are a few professional definitions of a cult; one of the most popular is Steve Hassan's B.I.T.E. model.

    I've got an MS Word document with that model as applied to JW propaganda.

  • ninja

    hey cognac....wishing you well on your roller coaster did a good thing getting your man to speak to flippy....he is one cool fact...... jehovah's witnesses even wrote a book about him.....the name of said book?....jehovah's witnesses and the divine porpoise.....he he......luv to all from da ninja

  • LouBelle

    WoW - that is all I can say. Mr Flipper - I'm starting to see that you are a truly gifted individual and I truly hope that you find many ears that will listen to what you have to say. It's times like these that I wish we had a huge community of ex j dubs here in S.A - to be there, to support each other because you americans are a good example.

    Cognac - hoping all goes well girl.

  • dinah

    Good Job, Mr. Flipper. As far as Cognac's hubby saying he was baptised to serve Jehovah and not an organization, I wonder which questions he answered "yes" to. If it was after the late 80's then he DID agree to follow an organization.

    Oh and hopefully he will see we aren't "fire breathing dragons".

  • jamiebowers

    Kudos to Mr. Flipper. If you ever regret your time in the cult, DON''T! You're using your experience to help people now.

    Cognac, if the abuse issue really bothers your husband, why not have him read the personal experiences on the website? The stories are eerily similar. That may make an impression on him. Also the articles on the current case in Murietta, CA. leads to many questions about the organization's true stance on child abuse. For instance, why was the case reported by a teacher of one of the victims? Why didn't the parents report it? Why didn't the elders report it? When the defense attorney of the accused tried to use clergy privalege, why didn't the WTB&TS object since there is no clergy in the organization?

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