Bill Maher's "New Rules" on Catholic Pedophilia

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  • CaptainSchmideo
  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Good thread Captain I think what Bill Mahers comment at the end is quite true in regards how religious organizations are treated light handedly by

    law enforcement with regards to covering up the crime of child molestation, there is an unbalanced bias that is going on here between the power of the church up

    against a non-religious organization as Bill pointed out.

    The JWS are just as guilty for implementing their own cover up polices, that had the unfortunate result of causing predators to re-offend.

    Isn't it a crime to know and be made aware that someone has done a grievous crime and you do not make notice of it to the law authorities ......uummm

    Isn't there a legal terminology for that ?

  • yknot

    I watched this Friday night......I even held my breath thinking is he going to say WTS (at least until he said 'one man')......

    WTS vs RCC, only real difference is trinity, and final destinations. The demands regarding purity (spiritual & physical) differ some but both are interpretated by bodies within their respective organizations.

  • restrangled

    Bill Maher's comments are usually spot on and this time is no exception.

    Organized religions are just businesses that don't get taxed, and some how do not have to answer to common law. They are all treated "light handed."

    The top men whether it be the Pope, Governing Body, or those at the top of a small cult, live like kings, make their own laws for the followers, and rake in millions in cash, (no detailed reporting to government authorities needed) !

    For anyone that thinks the GB of the JW's do not live the life of luxury or have the same leeway as the Pope with followers....consider the following:

    Their surroundings may not be has beautiful as larger religions but they have all the benefits, (and I wonder about their apartments) has anyone ever seen the inside of one of their units?

    All food, clothing, insurance, doctors, retirement, lawn care, home repairs, travel to exotic lands or locally is covered. Anywhere they go they are celebrities and probably have security. All ironing, wash, cooking, cleaning and taxes are taken care of.

    Can you imagine what you could accomplish with benefits like these? The entire time you are so removed from daily angst, you don't really have to deal with the stinking underling's misbehavior, or what the law requires including pedophilia.....infact you have so many attorneys at your beck and call, you can do as you please with plenty of funds to defend your selfish hindend no matter what you do, say, or how many lives you ruin, with your ridiculous rules or attitude of looking the other way.

    Just my take......


  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    Restrangled has painted the picture quite clearly on what is going on in the Tower of power.

    The similarities between the Catholics and the JWS are quite obvious.

    The intensional cloaking of a white sheet over these religions came at a terrible cost to children who are now living as adults.

    The damaging evils of power and corruption raises it's head once again to the many that gotten close to it.

    I like your thinking on this Restrangled

  • dinah


    What you posted is the exact reason they have no business telling "advising" people who live in the real world. When you are sitting in your ivory watchtower with no worry of bills or buying food, it's easy to tell the rank and file to trust Jehovah for your provisions and do MORE in the work.

    How can you give a parent advice when you've never been one? And those "young people ask" articles lately make me laugh. They have absolutely no CLUE what teens and their parents really face. Those articles are more written for the parents so they can crack down even harder on their children. If you look how many of those teens leave as soon as they reach adulthood, then those articles are very effective. They just have the outcome which was intended. I think that is hilarious.

    The Watchtower LOVED it when the Catholic church got caught, but have pulled every sort of legal trick possible to avoid the same fate. I'm sure the President of the legal arm of the JW's shares the Pope's sentiments about waiting until the statue of limitations expires. Sick, sick, sick.

    We need to sic Bill Maher on the GB.

  • Hope4Others

    Bill Maher's a right in your face kind of a guy, but he's rather truthful in his comments

    and he gets away with what he says. "Go Bill Go"!

  • yesidid

    Borrowed from Jim Penton:

    Catholic Church = Babylon the Great

    Jehovah's Witnesses = Babylon the Little

  • Indo_Dude

    Bill Maher is amazing!

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    The Watchtower might be considered a kingdom of hypocrisy, its still God's organization though, right

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