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  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    First off, good evening all. I have been having some weird stuff happen to me over the past couple of months and am wondering if anyone else has been through it or may have an idea as to why it may be happening. I have my own theory, but want to hear other opinions before I make up my mind on how to deal with this situation.

    As I have written on this board before, I am fading, inactive, married to an inactive wife who has a rabid jw family. What has been going on since last year is several approaches from different Pentecostals on joining their church. Last Spring I hooked up with my cousin who is affiliated with the Assemblies of God Church and is active in a prison ministry. It had been almost ten years since our last meeting and when we talked the jw religion came up and he responded like this: "Oh, you are still involved in that." LOL Anyway, we got to talking and he told me he would pray for me and invited me to attend his church when I go to visit him down in Laguna Niguel.

    This past February, almost a full week before the jw's came to invite us to the memorial. two very nice ladies stopped by and invited us to their Calvary Apostolic Church. They only knocked on my door from what I could see, as they got back in the car and drove away. Today, as I was getting down my groceries, my neighbor's mom came out and asked me if it was hot enough for me. (It was almost 90 degrees.) I told her I actually prefer it closer to 100 and we laughed. Then out of the lue she told me she wanted to invite me to her church, across from the Perko's Cafe. And gave me this:

    She told me about how they sing, worship, and really enjoy Christianity.

    In my entire life, no one except jw's and Mormons had ever approached me at my door about joining their church..What do you think is the cause of this?


  • flipper

    Calvary Apostolic Church are all fanatics- total nutjobs ! According to my wife. Do yourself a favor and don't be sucked into another mind controlling religious cult ! Just my humble opinion. Keep your own counsel

  • crazyblondeb

    Is it possible that u have had invites before, but it just wasn't that important to u??

    It seems maybe ur heart is searching, and paying attention.

    Myself, I don't want anything to do with any church. But u.............maybe ought to make a visit ..... not necessarily to this one....according to flipper..


  • Junction-Guy

    Over the years I have lived here in Knoxville, I have had numerous Baptists come to my door, a few Mormons, and only one JW. From my own perspective it seems that these other religions are more active in the door to door in my area.

  • real one
    real one

    try a non-denominational church. The one i go to dosent pressure you into doing anything. you go there on Sunday, sing praise songs to God. listen to the preacher preach from the Bible( make sure they use the Bible a lot) pray, then leave. they have different ministries you may join.at my church there are over 40. we have a weds night fusion group where we get together at 7pm sing until about 7:10. then listen to a sermon until 8pm then branch off into groups and discuss different topics until 8:45. we help each other if they have problems, pray for each other and show each other scripture pertaining to our situation. It is a very loving and caring environment.

    you are going to have to try different things to see what suits your beliefs. do a little at a time you'll get there.

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Is it possible that u have had invites before, but it just wasn't that important to u??

    In all honesty, not from anyone but jw's and mormons. Now when I was little, my folks probably through out any flyers etc. But since I can remember no others have ever come to the door. What I find to be very funny is after I posted this topic, I actually found one stuck to my door a few minutes ago from a Baptist group!

  • Casper

    I've been getting invites also............

    Spoke to a couple of Baptist Men, at my door not too long ago. They kept wanting me to pray with them. I felt such a pull towards what they were saying, I had to stop and "Mentally" get control of my thoughts. I couldn't believe how gullible I am in that area...

    They did say a prayer, and told me to repeat it, I said, "No, I can't". They were floored when I told them I was afraid to. Went away shaking their head, and so did I...

    I agree that they are just getting more active in a door to door activity. I am NOT ready to be involved in any of it at the moment


  • Maddie

    I've been invited to different church services too and have been a couple of times, but won't join anything again.


  • Layla33
    Do yourself a favor and don't be sucked into another mind controlling religious cult !

    I second that!

  • KKLUV155

    Real one, I agree with you. I go to a non-denominational church. It is very relaxing and when I leave it just feel right. No pressures. I feel uplifted not broke down. The pastor preaches on a personal relationship with God and no one else. It has helped me deal with the JW crap.

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