Do You Believe in Sanctuary Cities?

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  • BurnTheShips

    I think the deep-down reason for so much immigrant-hating is racism. It seems to go in cycles. 1850's was anti-chinese immigration, 1900's was anti-irish and anti-italian immigration, anti-jewish immigration, etc etc. I'm not particularly bothered by illegal immigration because I think it is a net positive effect on the ecomony. The one problem I have is free social services. I think it tends to delay integration with society. There were no free services for the immigrant populations previously mentioned, and they quickly assimilated with american society. When we give disincentives to integration (such as not having to learn the language), it prolongs the process. However, I think it is interesting to note that second and third generation hispanic immigrants tend to have very high education levels.

    All in all, this situation will work itself out too. Let the anti-immigration people bluster and spew racism. People will continue to live their lives and our country will be better for it.

    Shows how much you know. I am Latino, how can I be racist against myself?

    Open borders and illegal immigration are a bad idea, and the racist canard is idiocy. Illegal immigration is a net negative. It hurts our workforce, and illegal immigrants are a net drain on social welfare systems. I should know, I knew a great many illegal immigrants as a dub. Many were illiterate. We are importing an underclass ready made. As for your comments regarding integration, I whole heartedly agree. But when you import too many too fast, they do not integrate, but form enclaves. When you eat too much you get indigestion. Yes there ARE people that are against the demographic wave based on racism (believe me I know), but that is not the only reason to be. Dismissing it all with a wave of the hand as racism is foolish.

    I can give you one good reason why I oppose "sanctuary" city policies.

    Jamiel Shaw, Jr.

  • hillary_step


    Shows how much you know. I am Latino, how can I be racist against myself?

    Being in a minority is not a guarantee that a person is not a racist, frankly it often serves as a foundation for micro-racism.

    Everybody is somebodies tool.


  • FlyingHighNow

    Ever seen the movie El Norte? Enough said.

  • IP_SEC

    Dont matter much what any of us think. The NAU is happening whether you want it or not. Sanctuary cities and immigration will be a moot point.

    Check back with me in 5 years. If Im wrong I'll gladly buy all you naysayers a drink and kiss your butt.

  • FlyingHighNow

    I encourage you all to get this movie and watch it. Your eyes will open wide and you'll never look at illegal aliens from south of us the same way. It will give you insight you haven't had before. And it's not intended to solve the illegal immigrant issues faced by the USA. It's intended to show that the USA is not necessarily the sanctuary that they seek. In this film the brother and sister are fleeing certain death in Guatemala. It's an amazing film but it's tragic and very sad. It takes great courage to watch the entire movie and it's done in subtitles. Edited to add: this movie is so sad, there is no way I have the heart to watch it again. But you really should see it at least once. :

  • White Dove
    White Dove


    Yes, it will work itself out. Let 'em spew racism if it helps them exercise their lungs. The second and third generations are completely Americanized and American mostly by birth. See? It's just the first generation that really needs the help and the second and third will carry their own and enrich our country. In the mean time, America can continue to learn that we aren't the only country on this planet. We live in a global market and to make the most of it, we need to be all inclusive (ok, not including the ones that want to kill us).

  • White Dove
    White Dove


    I think I saw that film in one of my sociology classes. It's very sad and shows clearly what life is like here in the U.S. for illegals. It's HELL for a lot of them. All they want is a better life. A lot of them don't get it here, either. And it's not the government people who are coming over the border. It's the citizens who are mistreated so badly.

  • sammielee24
    Second, without illegal workers the US economy would not work.

    This is just one of the many fallacies that people try to support illegality with in regards to the economy. It's a pile of bunk. The jobs were done before and they'll be done again. Maybe if employers were forced to pay real wages and not hire illegals for 'slave' wages and no protections and benefits, then the prices would rise accordingly and the excesses would stop. That is simply an excuse for the greedy and corrupt to continue on their merry way by exploiting their fellow human beings. It has nothing to do with race by the way. That's such an old tired reasoning most people just ignore it and move on. Again - it's got to do with THE LAW. If you believe in open borders then you cannot believe in the LAW. There are about 300,000 people in line with papers filed now for legal status in this country. If you believe in open borders, then you should be lobbying to have all the immigration services dismantled and every person who has paid to enter and remain legally, reimbursed for those costs.

    As for Mexico - it is a wealthy country in terms of natural resources and ability. At least half of the millionaires listed in Latin America come from Mexico. The issue is one of corruption and no taxes. Rather than allow 20 million illegals to send 250.00/month home per month = billions of dollars, force the Mexican government to take care of their own country. The Mexican government is selling so much corn to the USA for it's biofuel plans that the poorer Mexicans can't afford that staple. The quest for biofuels has become almost elitist in any country that takes food from the poorest for transportation. sammieswife.

  • AGuest

    but it looks like illegal immigrants from south of the border aren't the only ones guilty of trying to suck their neighbors dry:

    April 14, 2008News Briefs
    March 31 - April 6, 2008
    Volume V, Issue 14

    Energy | Trade & Investment | Banking, Insurance & Finance | Business & Industry | Automotive |
    Construction & Infrastructure | Transportation | Telecommunications & Technology |
    Media & Entertainment | Farming & Agriculture | Economy | Border & Migration | Politics |
    Justice, Safety & Crime | Health & Science | Sports | Arts & Culture |


    PRI To Seek Changes In Territorial Limits Treaties March 31, 2008 Former Foreign Affairs Minister and current president of the Senate’s Foreign Affairs Commission Rosario Green announced that the Institutional Revolutionary Party (PRI) will seek to broaden the Mexico-U.S. treaty on Territorial Limits, specifically at the “Doughnut Hole” area, to prevent U.S. oil companies from extracting Mexican oil in border fields by means of the so-called “straw-effect.” In addition, Green said that diplomatic action to protect the border oil fields is urgent and that the PRI will soon submit a formal request to the Foreign Affairs Ministry (SRE) to negotiate a limits treaty with Cuba, including specifications on hydrocarbons exploitation at the Gulf of Mexico.


    Apparently, it's okay for "our" oil to flow across "their" border*... and for "us" to go get it (if not illegally, then certainly immorally and unethically)... but not okay for "their" people to "flow" across "our" border. But that's understandable, isn't it? Oil is definitely worth more than people. "Our" presence in Iraq shows that.

    Ah, well... this concludes my $.02 regarding such politics. I haven't the stomach for it, really.


    SA, a slave of Christ, on her own, and thinkin' that maybe people in "glass houses" really shouldn't throw stones.

    * Or is it "their" oil that's flowing across "ours"?

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