LW campaign against the Society

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  • Peppermint

    You just have to laugh. Taken from their website.


  • Spook

    Jcannon, who would be better occupied shaking a cup full of fund raising pencils and wearing a sandwich board in front of a federal building, said the following:

    But I've spoken with God personally

    His above admission of insanity comes as no surprise to the average reader. Hospitals in Jerusalem have entire wings of personnel dedicated to finding, restraining and treating people who go to that city and announce they are the Messiah.

    Why such disdain and disrespect? Jcannon is no less than the 3rd supposed messianic leader I have personally encountered in my young life alone. Most of them had better "evidence." As I write this message, religious forces who yearn for the end of this world with lip smacking glee are attempting to aquire political and military means of fulfilling iron age eschatology.

    Jcannon's circular rantings deserve attention and rebuttal only for the sake of other people reading this. Why? Because this is exactly how religions started in the first place. The rantings of hallucinating madmen.

    You have made this judgment based upon your own assessments.

    Well, based on your assessments the creator of our cosmos has chosen to pass on an important message through you. I call that arrogant madness which should insult the dignity of a child. If Jcannon is willing to make a specific wager, I will bet $5000.00 against any suitably specific prediction he makes about future events.

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