It crept up on me, and took me by surprise!

by AK - Jeff 24 Replies latest jw friends

  • Free

    Live Free or Die, I'm with you Jeff

  • Eyes Open
    Eyes Open

    Good on ya Jeff. Have fun.

  • BFD

    It is tough to get born at 50. But is better than being aborted at death, having never lived.

    Not for nothing, Jeff, but it sounds like you've had an epiphany! Onward!


  • greendawn

    You are fortunately on the right tracks now, whatever it is in the JWs that deadens minds and lives, many people have experienced that insidious poison. I suppose the destructive authority symbol of the JWs, jehovah, is at the centre of it. They choose jehovah because Christ is not severe enough to be the destructive authority symbol they seek. Yet He is the direct head of the faithful, not jehovah.

  • juni

    I wish you and your family the very best Jeff.


  • Crumpet
    It is tough to get born at 50. But is better than being aborted at death, having never lived.

    As always you have a way with words. I'm going to note that one down for future reference!

  • Casper
    Suddenly I find myself happy to just LIVE without the constant constraint of labels.

    Good for you and your family... I too feel the same longer striving to be something I was never meant to be.


  • PopeOfEruke


    "He not busy being born is busy dying!" - Bob Dylan


  • potleg

    Good for you Jeff,

    Some years ago I had a conversation with a JW relative and she couldn't understand why I would never ever go back to being a witness. I told her that for me, being a Witness was like being in a big, beautiful, warm blue ocean, but the society was like an old wooden row boat out there. The Society is the boat and you are constantly told to hold on tight and cling to the rotten vessel because the water is deep and we will surely drown if we let go. Infact, you are warned not to even look at the ocean, instead, just focus intently on the boat.

    All my life I was in the beautiful ocean but focused on, and clinging to an old row boat.

    But somehow with the help of this site and other resources I finally let go. I finally took the plunge into life apart from the Organization. Sure I dipped under the water and it felt strange, but guess what? I bobbed back up. I didn't drown, not even a cough or splutter instead I discovered I could swim and the ocean felt great and it felt so wonderful to move around freely in it. How refreshing to be in the warm water no longer clinging to that old WT boat.

    Life is so much better for me now and the further I "swim" away from that row boat and all its clingers on, the more sad and pathetic they look. If only they knew what we know.

    That's why I would never trade the freedom that I now have for the dependency I had to an old tub of an organization.

    PS My aunt didn't buy it, she's still in. Desparate to see "the end"

  • dinah

    AK, that was touching.......

    It IS better to wake up late than never wake up at all. Your post made me happy.

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