I heard they might be doing away with Auxilary's...

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  • cognac

    I heard this from a friend of mine who has really, really good Bethel connections. Keeping "pioneers" but doing away with the "auxilarys"...

    Anyone else hear about this?

  • BurnTheShips

    First I heard of it. I guess they are lowering the bar to make it easier for others to participate. If they lower it to much the title will cease to be special and no one will do it.

    On the frontier, first come the pioneers, then come the rank and file settlers. Once the area gets settled, the corruption sets in.


  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    Bethel connections? Like he's talking to the governing body or the head of house cleaning

  • nicolaou
    If they lower it to much the title will cease to be special and no one will do it.

    Or, they could really lower it, say to 25 hours a month. It then might be very hard for rank and file publishers to offer up much resistance against such an 'attainable goal'.

    Statistically, a larger proportion of Jehovah's Witnesses would then be pioneers - very good for PR! Peer pressure would build within families and cliques until one day the WT finds it has a self-sustaining, critical mass of premium publishers!

    They may even come to form the majority.

  • WTWizard

    Well, if they do, you heard it first on the apostate forum long before anything of the sort ever gets announced. Even hounders do not hear about these things--the Generation change, the ban on independent study, the fall crapt campaign, etc. until us apostates have had several months head start.

  • cognac
    Bethel connections? Like he's talking to the governing body or the head of house cleaning

    lol, somewhere in between.

  • Casper

    Some of the witnesses I knew, myself included, felt like we were doing something "Special" when we aux. pioneered. Seems if they

    take that away.......some of them may feel they are being pushed away, becoming less and less needed...

    Just my take,


  • MissingLink

    I don't think they'll take it away without lowering the bar for Pioneering. It's all a numbers game with the boys in Brooklyn. I don't know the current requirements, I'm just guessing - but here's an example.

    Current Congregation of 100


    New improved congregation of 100

    New Holy Class2040800

    By lowering the requirements and getting more people to sign-up - the totals get better! In this case - only 10 more people get the calling (I think very believable) They probably got someone to signup at bethel that actually went to college and learned some math so they could come up with optimum numbers. WT is a sales organization. This sort of sales analysis is a long time coming.

  • daniel-p

    They also know that they'll have more "super publishers" if it's easily attainable due to the excitement created. Auxillary pioneering is like the club of the month--everyone gets all pumped because it means they won't have to go out alone or with people they don't want to be around. So by making some sort of new "super publisher" rank, they can capitalize on that sort of frenzy.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    I agree, someone crunched the numbers and now we may have a change. After all, why wouldn't they brag that Pioneers are increasing by a stated percentage. The end must be near because the preaching is expanding. It's all how it's presented

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