Bottom Line: What's Going To Happen To The Jehovah's Witness Religion?

by minimus 30 Replies latest jw friends

  • oldflame

    The best thing we all can do is to teach others of their errors. The more people taught of their lies the less that will join.

  • LouBelle

    it will never become mainstream, there is far too much information regarding their stuff ups. It will probably grow more cultish as the 'heads' become more desperate as the world continues on and on and on and then eventually (hopefully) die out totally, or break up into lil fractions and become cultish beyond measure.

  • Mrs Smith
    Mrs Smith

    Interesting question. I would like them to just disintergrate but I doubt that will happen. They survived 1975 so they are really good and stuffing up and still keeping the org together. I do think that the growth will slow down as more and more JWs leave. With the new members only watchtower they are already becoming more cultish. I don't think many of the younger ones will stay. The third worl countries are keeping the org in business as most of the studies and growth comes from there.

  • jefferywhat

    its not going anywhere!

    The christian congregation of Jehovahs Witnesses will become the new "face" of the org.

    The way it will be explained is, just like the various presidents, Jehovahs chooses the people and organisation that he needs to accomplish his will.

    We will change our name and say the preaching and printing work has been accomplished.

    The WTBTS will have fulfilled its purpose, which was to publish and be replaced by the CCOJW.

    All new york offices will be off sold, Walkill will expand, printing will back off and it will become a little mainstream.

    Titles will change, blood will become a conscience matter( just like organ transplants) Disfellowshipping will change, JC will be modified to be 3 men discuss how a person feels about what they have done but only one elder hears the actual confession.

    One thing to note and Im not sure its been mentioned, but the new pioneers book has an entire chapter on principles, the pioneers book is the ultimate whisper campaign start point.

    Eventualy all thungs wil be principle based and more focus on Jesus and not the org.

    I think it will change for the good.

  • WTWizard

    I think they want to grow to a critical mass where they can seize control of everything in the world, at which point they will plunge us all into the Second Dark Ages.

    Short of that, they are going to tighten up to the point where normal life will be impossible. People in the cult are going to be unable to marry, date, or even visit worldly people without severe repercussions. That is going to create severe problems for individuals. And I hope it results in another mass wave of apostasy, and ultimately their sudden and drastic demise.

  • justhuman

    I will say that for fist step it will become more cultish. It is obvious with this with their conventions, the new arrangement of the Watchtower magazine, and their obsession bringing the end

    Second the will start to shrink due to the fact that people know that they are cult, and internet has set free multitude of JW's. Finally I believe that future generations will remember them as cult that ruined millions of lifes

  • Gayle

    It will gradually decrease with mostly aging members. Knowledge inclined people won't be drawn to it as they will investigate since so much information is out there and so many ex-members more vocal now.

  • minimus

    Jeffery, that's an interesting speculation. JWs will always be told they must preach. It keeps them busy.

  • jefferywhat

    Hey minimus, the preaching work wont stop, it will move to "the direct approach"

    You think, in my life time ,we went from the truth book, then the live forever, then knowledge, then what does the bible teach, its getting quicker and less intense.

    The org is now after people who care more about the emotion of being a witness and not the knowledge.

    Magazine production has slowed right down, books have gone cheap, more things going to digital.

    They are reshaping before our eyes, the org that was in 1925 is gone, the one in 1967 is gone , the one from 1996 has gone, it changes ALL the time.

    We have changed our name, our deity structure, our organization structure, our titles, our dates everything!!!

    It should be called the "search for truth", not THE truth.

    Everyone prays for the end of what they see as a cult but fail to realise that the JW model they were associated with is long gone.

    They can build a hall in two days and change their shape in 1.

    Maybe they are keeping up with the celestial chariot after all!!

  • minimus

    Well said about JWs being more emotional for their religion than knowledgable.

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