Opinions on Revealing the "Truth" To Dub Friends...

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  • IcingHeart

    I was wondering if I could get some opinions or help on this matter...

    You see, I have two jw friends I still converse with over the phone. They don't live in my state, so I can't see them too often. They had no knowledge of how I really felt about the borg until recently.

    Now, these two dubs are best friends, but quite opposite. While they both whole heartedly believe in the "truth" one of them is generally nice and shy, very clean morally. The other is a bit more "loose" I guess you could say, cursing, obscene jesting, whatever.

    I spoke to the first one about a few issues I had with the borg, but our main topic was really about the blood issue, and how absurd it is to respect the symbol of life more than life itself. Karvel helped me out with my friend on three-way, thank goodness. He has such a way with words. We left my friend dumb founded, and you could feel the cognitive dissonance oozing from their being. My friend hasn't called me back yet, for they say that research is needed to come up with an answer (yeah, good luck finding anything :p)

    The other person, however, has recently been disfellowshipped, so of course, everyone is supposed to shun them and "not even utter a greeting," including their best friend. I wasn't given specific details, but this one was DF for doing something sexual with someone of the opposite sex. So the best friend tells me this, and tells me they won't be talking for awhile. I voiced how I felt about disfellowshipping, and how it's wrong and unbiblical, and that someone in this situation needs encouragement, not shunning, and especially from the best friend. (this conversation actually happened before I spoke to them about the blood). So I sent the DF friend a nice email that basically said they were free to contact me whenever, and my friendship is not conditional. They didn't respond, so I called, and we just talked normally for awhile; though my friend mentioned reading my email. Then they asked if I knew why they were DF, and we talked, and I said how I felt about disfellowshipping (thanks to JWFacts), but they actually felt it wasn't that bad, and it's a good form of punishment for those who don't love Jehovah enough to avoid bad situations.

    So, basically, I'm trying to figure out where to go from here. Any help is greatly appreciated. Sorry for the long post...

  • OnTheWayOut

    These are questions you can answer better than us. You have to be aware of how much
    "truth" each friend can take. The DF'ed one sounds like they are still a believer and wants
    to get back into the graces of WTS.

    Proceed with caution and continue to gauge how much each can stand. You already got
    the one to examine the blood issue. Keep expanding on that. The other, perhaps you can
    research the twisting of scriptures to justify disfellowshipping. Tell them how Paul said to
    take the sinner back into the fold. Tell them how Peter denied Christ three times and he
    was allowed access to the keys to the kingdom, even though he would have been disfellow-
    shipped or at least reproved by WTS elders.

  • OnTheWayOut

    This post was the victim of "posting on a Sunday in Spring." I think it deserves a few more responses.


  • Gerard

    Ask your friend if he/she thinks if god really wants to punish acts of love.

  • garybuss

    I lost ya on "Dub Friends". My personal policy is to not share anything with a believing Witness. If they're not smart enough to go on line and look up sites on their own, they aren't smart enough or willing enough to accept anything I have.

  • XOCO

    Welcome IcingHeart,

    i really don't have any answers for you Hun but if the person is really ready to accept real truth then they will accept... if not then just let them be. because you done everything you can by letting them know about the truth.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    My personal favorite is the "God's gonna kill 6 billion soon cuz they wouldn't take the Watchtower."

    Have you addressed this issue with either of them?

    The "I'm puzzled" or "It really bothers me" approach is usually best, IMO.


  • IcingHeart

    Thanks for the helpful responses. And thanks for the free bump, OnTheWayOut :D

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