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  • Mary

    Just heard this on CNN.......Poor guy had been battling Alzheimers for the past 5 years. He was 84 years old. I remember the first time I saw him in Ben Hur, during the chariot race. Damn he was a handsome guy. He'll be missed.

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Sorry, Mary, didn't see your thread when I started mine.

    The Ten Commandments was one of his best vehicles methinks.


  • drew sagan
    drew sagan

    Soylent Green is

    P E O P L E ! ! !

  • Mary

    I found this little gem that the Society wrote in 1957 after The Ten Commandments came out. Naturally they had nothing good to say about it and verbally bashed Cecil B. deMille for not getting it 100% accurate:

    *** w57 1/15 pp. 42-43 BibleMovie Exposes Bible Illiteracy ***


    Dick Williams, in his column in the Los Angeles Mirror-News of November 14, 1956, said: "I am not an expert on Biblical history. So, while highly suspicious of some portions of the film which I have already seen, I am in no position to dispute DeMille’s announcement that the only place in the picture where he does not expect to be Scripturally accurate is in the golden calf sequence. But others, presumably more versed in the facts, are beginning to step forth to disagree with DeMille and not just on minor issues, either. One of these is the religious magazine Awake! published by a society associated with Jehovah’s witnesses." He then quotes from the article on "Hollywood’s Version of ‘The Ten Commandments,’" published in the Awake! of November 8, 1956. What are the contradictions between movie and Bible there disclosed?

    The Bible shows Pharaoh had the Hebrew babies killed to curb increases in Israelite population, but DeMille’s movie says it was to cut off the deliverer Moses while he was a babe.—Ex. 1:9, 10.

    The Bible indicates Moses knew all the time he was a Hebrew, and because he knew he was he killed an Egyptian that was striking one of his Hebrew brothers. He fled from Egypt. But the movie has him exiled because when he is grown it is learned he is a Hebrew and loves the same girl as Pharaoh’s son.—Ex. 2:11, 12, 15.

    The Bible first tells of the law to be written on human hearts in the prophet Jeremiah’s time, but DeMille runs ahead of God in this by about nine hundred years, having it said to Moses at the burning bush.—Jer. 31:31-33.

    The Bible account shows that the Israelites used God’s name Jehovah and that it was specifically discussed with Moses, at Exodus 6:3, but the movie repeatedly refers to God’s name being unknown to the Israelites and it never is disclosed in the film.

    The Bible, at Acts 7:23-30, shows that Moses fled Egypt when he was forty years old and was eighty when he returned from Midian. But the movie shows no such passage of time, keeping all the characters involved in love episodes wonderfully youthful, although Moses was allowed to age miraculously all at once, at the burning bush.

    The Bible shows that Moses’ enemies in Egypt were dead when he returned, but the movie has his worst enemy sitting on the throne as Pharaoh.—Ex. 4:19.

    The Bible tells of God’s determination to bring the tenth plague, the death of the Egyptian first-born. But in the movie this death of the first-born is Pharaoh’s idea, he intending to do this to the Israelites, and only then does God turn the tables on him by doing it to the Egyptian first-born.—Ex. 11:1-5.

    The Bible record states that Pharaoh later pursued the Israelites to recover his slave labor, but DeMille says it was because Moses spurned the love of Pharaoh’s queen.—Ex. 14:5, 6.

    It may be debatable whether Pharaoh accompanied his troops to the Red Sea or not, but if he did he died there, according to the Bible. But the movie let him survive that watery debacle and return to Egypt.—Ex. 14:28.

    Did Dathan instigate the golden-calf worship at Sinai, and did the earth swallow him and others for that? DeMille says yes, but the Bible says no. Did those calf worshipers die that way at all? No, but by sword and plague. Dathan was not among them, for he and other rebels were swallowed up by the earth at a much later time and for an entirely different sin.—Ex. 32:27, 28, 35; Num. 16:1-3, 12, 25-32.

    Ironically, where DeMille said he would depart from the Bible he actually did not. He said the people danced naked at the worship of the golden calf but he would clothe them; modern translations accurately show they did not dance naked but merely broke loose in unrestraint and unruliness.—Ex. 32:25, NW,RS,AT,Le.

    Now answer the questions for yourself. How faithful was DeMille to the Bible record? How correct were the clergymen that lauded the film as moving, reverent, spiritual and inspiring? Did God truly use DeMille and give him this mission to perform, as some of them said? And is it not more than slightly ridiculous to put him in the same class as the faithful apostle Paul, as one of these clergymen did? What about the movie critics that wrote that it was conspicuous how he hewed to the Bible with literalness and followed the Biblical line to the letter?

    This Bible movie has certainly exposed Bible illiteracy!

  • tijkmo

    was he shot

  • funkyderek

    Have they managed to prise that gun away yet?

  • R.Crusoe

    Wow - yeah - weird when all your lifes screen stars start disappearing!

  • kwr

    Well I'm sorry to see him go. I enjoyed his movies.

  • watson
    was he shot

    LOL, by Dick Chaney? Cruel. I did like him as an actor.

  • TheCoolerKing

    Great actor!

    I liked him in the Bible flicks, but he was also terrific in sci-fi's, like The Omega Man and Planet of the Apes.

    Rest in peace Hes...


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