tough seminar, emotionally charged

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  • chickpea

    i am just finished with day 1 of a 2 day training seminar with the state chapter of MADD...... sitting in a room of 30 people, fully one third have lost a first degree relative in a drunk driving collision

    the women i sat between had each lost a son..... one's son would have been 31 next week had he not been killed at 1 and the other lost her 18 year old son 2 years ago, an elite football player, honor roll student well liked and deeply mourned by his schoolmates, coaches and teachers..... killed by a serial offender who never finished highschool .... two other teens were seriously injured but survived.... he was sentenced to 26 years.....

    my state, the self-proclaimed beer and bratwurst capitol of the world, is dead last in the DOTs report on progress being made in reduction of alcohol related deaths from traffic collisions

  • jaguarbass

    You do realize that most JW's are alcoholics and view members of Mad like the Debil.

  • chickpea

    "most" might be an overgeneralization about the prevalence of individuals in the b0rg who have issues with the most commonly abused drug in the world

    however, MADD doesnt have policies about alcoholics..... just trying to eliminate drunk driving

    and for a dub.....the debil is everywhere..... which might explain the booze hounds

  • potleg

    Let me live in the land of the "cheese heads". Me too.

    Do you know Jacob Leinenkugel?

  • BrentR

    It was a drunk driver that ultimately ended my career in EMS and left me with severe low back pain for 24 years. The guy that smashed into my ambulance never did a day in jail. At least 2-3 times a week somebody dies in my state from DUI. Despite the tough laws it is still happening. Much more needs to be done and the consequences need to be far more severe.

    A friend of mine lost his drivers license for six years and just got it back two weeks ago and is allready drinking again. Pathetic!

  • nomoreguilt

    There's also alot of self denial when it comes to this issue. Ask yourself this rhetorical question; Have I ever been under the influence when I was driving??

    Whenever I see someone pulled over, with all the booze placed on the roof of that car, all I can say is this, There but for the grace of someone, go I........

    I don't drink and drive anymore. If I have had 2 or more drinks, my wife drives.

    Life is too short my friends, especially the lives of innocent people.


  • buffalosrfree

    I don't drink and drive, did some previously, but when with family i didn't and now it has become an ingrained habit to not drink and drive.

  • SPAZnik

    Life is precious.

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