Pioneer Time Shortfalls

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  • WTWizard

    So it is supposed to be required to get 50 hours a month for auxiliary pioneers. I wonder, therefore, why is it that most months, the averages are below this. When the requirement was 60, the averages were typically between 55 and 58 hours but never more than 60. Now that it is 50, the average is usually hanging somewhat below 50 (usually in the area of 48-49). This especially since so many will fake the extra 2 or 3 hours if they get 47-48 real hours. (Some even fake more than that.)

    Regular pioneers also have this problem. While it is common for them to fall way short in July and August, that doesn't explain why their averages are consistently below the requirement. Back when you had to get 1,000 hours per year, the monthly total that would get you there is 83 1/3 per month. Typically, the averages are in the high 70s or lower 80s, with dropoffs into the 50s or 60s during the summer months. Now that it is 840 per month, you need 70 a month to make it. Now, that translates to an average time during the season of somewhere in the mid to high 60s, consistently, as an average.

    How do they explain that deficiency? This is not individuals failing to make their time. It sounds like quite a few are dropping out of the pioneer ranks mid month. If pioneering was such a joy, that would not be happening as often as it is! Obviously, there is no happiness in pioneering.

  • OnTheWayOut

    The average takes all the slackers into account. When they lowered the bar from 60 to 50 hours,
    more were encouraged to reach out for aux. pioneering at least occasionally, so there were more
    members who could not actually reach the bar.

    If the minimum is 50, the vast majority do 50 hours, not 51 or more. So all it takes is a small
    percentage to do 40-45, and a tiny fraction who have circumstances come up after signing up and
    wind up doing 20-40 hours- it takes only a small number of these to pull the average down some.

    There is a real actual minimum number of hours that a regular pioneer must do to keep his/her
    pioneer status. It is not 840 hours in a year (70 per month) as they say. It is more like 700. If they
    get that many, the elders say they can "forgive" the person without looking into their circumstances and
    take the precious title away. That makes them feel like they have to try harder the next year to get
    the 840. Typically, if they make the 840 for one out of three years, nobody bothers them.

    Anytime they lowered the bar, they got pioneers that could never have made the higher bar to give it a
    try. The ones who did make the old bar adjust. Virtually no pioneers go "over" on their hours, but take
    time off in July or August if they have all the hours required. That makes the average always below the

  • Hope4Others

    Most auxiliaries that I recalled tried to get most of their time in within the first 2 weeks. What was the saying early in the month,

    early in the week, and early in the day. My regular pioneer days were spent by myself that last 2 weeks because everyone was done. It was

    like pulling hair out to find someone to work with. I did try to do a 100 per month so I could take a lot of the summer off to be home with the kids. Boy,

    I was out of my mind pioneering, working, kids, how did I survive 10 years?


  • Hope4Others

    You know what is even weirder? I have not heard the terms "Slavebugger, witlesses, field circus, and filthful slave for over a day. What gives?

    And to think I was going to make a bet with you for 5 days you could not use these terms, I think I might have lost and I would be sending you a new




  • WTWizard
    So all it takes is a small
    percentage to do 40-45, and a tiny fraction who have circumstances come up after signing up and
    wind up doing 20-40 hours-

    Those are usually the ones that add fake hours to bring their time up to the 50 that they are supposed to make.

  • stillajwexelder

    Yes when Reg Pioneer hors were 90 hours per month - that would have made 12/90 = 1080 hours per year. The real deal requirement was 1000 hours per year. Many (I know many) would exceed the 1000 hours but carry them over to the next year so they could go on vacation. They were not supposed to do that but many confided in me that they did

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