JW Youths - Living "Double Lives"

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  • beksbks

    Sends shivers down my spine, remembering how miserable I was. I was the "straight" kid. Too shy to really be a very good witness, terrified of going door to door or giving talks or answering. But a good kid who didn't get into any trouble. Not only that, but the Johnnys and Jessicas that I was friends with, were not only popular and well thought of and partiers, they were dumber than a bag of hammers. I had a brain, not very helpful for a JW teen.

    Then I moved to a different town/congo at 17, and got to be my wild self!

  • Aleman

    The world today has so much temptations and bad role-models. The information nowadays that anyone and everyone can get is all too easy to get. Kids, especially teens, fall because they think of only themselves. They naturally are selfish and rebelious towards what they see the wrong things to be right, and the right things to be wrong. Like smoking, drinking, driving fast, fornication, midnight parties, etc. are now all considered cool and the right thing to do. I guess everything that is boring and truly right to do is now consider to be wrong like attending church.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    Great post BBOARD!

    I was a semi-"Johnny".

    Elder's son. Sort of cool, but not cool enough for any of the "really cool" JWs to ever offer me a joint or a drink. It was really strange the unspoken sort of "radar" we all had. I was smart enough not to explicitly "ask" and they (the cool kids) intuitively knew not to "tell". They would usually keep the particulars to themselves. I never ratted anybody out though, even though I usually had a pretty good idea when/where the hard-core parties were happening.


    But when you are young, you have quite a fair chance to go out and get a clean start and a family away from the hell inside of the organization.
    When I have hard times fading, I think about the kids I know I want in the future, and they must not grow up in the same shit I did, and have to go through the same hell I did. It would then be a circle with no end. I must break the circle! This is where it ends.

    Much strength to you in following through on this.

    I wish you all the best. Sure wish I had listened to my screaming inner voice in my mid-twenties.


  • Open mind
    Open mind

    This thread just jogged a few more memories. I had lots of great times hanging with the "cool crowd" at the beach or lake or whatever. But then there would often be the "party after the party". One guy, a year older than me, who I knew was sleeping with an elder's daughter and smoking dope actually had my back in situations like this. I'd say "So Joe, are you going over to Jane's to hang out with everybody later?" (Pant, pant, I'm cool too. Aren't I Joe? Aren't I? )

    He'd say "Uh, OM, you can come if you want, but I kinda think you'd probably rather not be there. It's up to you though."

    This, of course, was code for: "Dude, if whatever happens there gets reported it's gonna be JC time for sure. Do you really want a piece of that?"

    So I waited a few years until I was on my own before I finally started sowing a few wild oats in earnest. Sure glad I finally sowed them.


  • saywhat29

    I was a "Johnny" in my own mind, but in reality was an angel compared to the other kids who were def. Johnny's and Jessica's. Whoo-boy! In my mind, I didn't want to be an outsider in school, so I was pretty "worldly" is HS (I was the funny kid, I cursed, nobody knew until I knocked on their door. Hell I was in the JW closet!) and I always looked to these other kids as they were always looked upon so favorably.

    "Why don't you go out in the field with Johnny?"

    I was always paired with Johnny. Johnny was suppose to teach me to do right. Johny was suppose to make sure I became a good lil' witness.

    Johny would get to the door and say, "We're Bible student would you like to read this?" No scripture (And a few years ago you were admonished to whip that bible out and read a scripture!), not even waiting for them to say yes or no, he was already turned around and moving on so he could move on to the next house and get the job over with. And between houses he would ask me who I thought has the best "a$$" in the KH.

    He told me he thought my mom did. he would then take me to get lunch and blast the most hardcore rap songs of all time, where the n-word was blasted every other 3 word and the F-word every 6th. He drove fast, gave people the finger and told me that it had been a while and he needed to f*ck something soon or he was gonna die.

    I wanted to kill Johnny as much as I wanted to be Johnny. Johnny got one of the other girls in the KH pregnant; he denied it and of course since she was a "Jessica", it's not like there weren't others who could have been on that line up for a Maury Povich episode. Johnny johnny johnny.

    I do know kids who buy it all and I was torn from my somewhat Johnnyness and my desire to do good and be good and be accepted (hell, sometimes I still am).

    Johnny, i hear is out and is with all sorts of folk. Don't know if he's happy or not (since I ultimately thnk thats what matters the most) but lord knows Johnny has had a wild ride. Lucky bastard.

  • Rosie Angel
    Rosie Angel

    My mom would always hound me, saying "I wish you were more like Johnny or Jessica" when I started refusing to go to meetings because I was sick of being forced to associate with the two-faced, empty-headed, self-righteous Johnnys and Jessicas. I'd always laugh. If only Mom knew the truth!

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