Baby drowned in jr. high bathroom toilet

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  • Grammy

    How could her parents not know she was pregnant I wonder?

  • Grammy

    I don't know why the link didn't work....if this one works scroll down to the #3 story

  • BFD

    Baby drowned in jr. high bathroom toilet

    Wednesday, April 02, 2008 | 12:46 PM alt

    BAYTOWN, TX (KTRK) -- A teenaged girl reportedly gave birth at school, and the baby is said to have drowned when she tried to flush it down the toilet.

    According to Baytown police, around 11am, a 14-year-old girl at Cedar Bayou Jr. High in Baytown went into the bathroom of the school and gave birth to a nearly full term baby. She reportedly tried to flush the newborn down the toilet. In the process, the baby drowned.

    Baytown police are treating this as a homicide investigation. The girl is being examined at San Jacinto Methodist Hospital in Baytown. She has not yet been interviewed by officers.


    Kinda makes a strong case for choice. What's worse? Aborting a clump of cells or drowning a baby head first in a toilet?



  • potentialJWconvertswife

    So messed up. Her folks might not have known if she didn't gain much weight- some women don't. Anyone still believe abstinence education works?! -Potential

  • Grammy
    Anyone still believe abstinence education works?! -Potential

    I have always thought this was an absolutely ridiculous idea!

    I can't count the arguments I have had with my husband about that subject and the asinine statement that making birth control and condoms available to kids encourages promiscuity...he believes it does, it just burns me up....if they are going to have sex, and they will, it's a natural and normal thing to do, It is the responsibility of adults and especially the parents of these children to make sure they are protected when they do it!

    I do hate to see children as young as 13 and 14 having sex though, they are not mature enough and their body's are not developed enough for that!

  • Hope4Others

    Things like this truly makes me feel ill.


  • Sirona

    How AWFUL

    I know the girl was young but ....

    She must have some kind of mental problem to do what she did. Someone else might have just left the baby somewhere for someone else to look after. She must have something seriously wrong with her to just want to kill it!

    At 14 I was quite mature...


  • greendawn

    It's sickening, with so many childless couples looking to adopt someone that newborn could have easily found a home so killing it was so horrid and needless. Reminds me of the recent film "Juno".

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