Bush and the 'Culture war'

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  • Satanus

    Some politicos and media have dubbed the current bush wars as culture wars, christian/west against islam. Funny how it seems to be having the opposite affects of those intended. Islam is spreading, instead of receding. It's kind of like the kid who thought that the way to fight ants was to beat the anthill with a stick. Silly boy (bush). It only spreads the ants further. He never gets at the underground root of the anthill. The ants also grab onto the stick, climb up and bite the kid. Once the kid gets tired of it all, the anthill settles down, once again, and carries on as usual.


  • kurtbethel

    It might be considered a culture war in the broad sense. It is a war between the forces of domination and control, and those who do not want others to tell them what to do.

    Just as the banking-corporate-political structure seeks to tighten controls on us over here with endless checkpoints, inspections, regulation and surveillance, it seeks to extend tentacles "over there".

  • JeffT

    The "war" predates the current administration by about 1200 years. In its early stages Islam was spread largely by the sword, as were certain forms of Christianity. If the Franks had lost the battle of Tours in 732 we might not be at war now. Our women might be treated like cattle wearing bourkas, but there wouldn't be a war.

    I suspect this one as some time to run before its over.

  • BurnTheShips

    Only an idiot fights ants with a stick.

  • Satanus


    Yes, i can see that.


    Yes, both religions are based on the sword, guns now.


    Yes. In a bigger sense, an ant colony is like an organism. The cultural war should be fought at the cultural level. Problem is, the american culture is only at a level that could be compared to adolescence. While islam is younger than christianity, the iraqis, the iranians, and most of the other arabic peoples have an underlying culture that is mush older and much more deeply rooted and established than the present american administration can imagine. In the face of an invasion like the american, zealous (to borrow a wt word) muslims from all over have felt the call of the hive, so to speak.


  • jaguarbass

    I think Bushes problem is, He doesnt understand that he didnt understand his intelligence breifing. He's a male Roseanne Anna Danna.

    Thats Bush.

    The puppet master pulling his strings, knows what he's doing.

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