JW 's - "We are not like those of the world"

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    "We are not like those of the world!"

    "If Jehovah was looking at you could He tell the difference between you and a wordly youth?"

    Every f'ing time a brother gives a talk for the youth in my hall in seems he always brings up these two phrases.

    What do you think is the main fallacy here ... I say the hypocrisy.

  • chickpea

    the drawback to that rationale is that it assumes every "worldly youth" is either pierced or dressed in a distinctive fashion or has some other "defect" simply by virtue of their being unassimilated by the b0rg

  • megaflower

    Brainwashing. The JW have the mentality of being better than everyone else. They love to put themselves up on a pedestel. Its "Them against The Wordlings"

  • WTWizard

    I have heard this in talks directed to everyone, not just the youth. People in the workplace need to stand out against the world. It's as if every non-witless smokes, every other word out of their mouths is a swear word, and they all go around taking drugs all the time (which is a blatant lie--only a few are actually that debased). They want people to be afraid of normal human desire, and to substitute desires that only serve God's nefarious purposes.

    To contrast, the "secret society" that I checked out does not have this distinction. They claim that the vast majority of people will be salvageable, and that they will benefit even without lifting a finger. (Then why did I sign in? Primarily to give Jehovah a slap in the face.) There is no distinction between "us" and "them", nor do they want "us" to stand out against "them". The only thing that is supposed to distinguish "us" from "them" is that we are not going to fall for the games and scams that our leaders are playing to keep us as their slaves--nothing more. "We" celebrate all the holidays and birthdays, "we" believe in having fun, "we" are willing to develop friendship with the world--none of which is permitted by the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger.

    In fact, only the minority of those trying to enslave mankind to start dictatorships and Dark Ages will be condemned. "On the fence" is not going to get you destroyed or condemned. People will see those who are actively trying to ruin things for everyone by enslaving us for what they are, and they will start being shunned. Not because of some doctrine, but because everyone will be pxxxed at what they have done, and want none of it. And, they will not want to associate with such humanoids because they don't want to give them a chance to enslave us again.

    And yes, cult leaders like Ted Jaracz and the other members of the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger will be on that short list of those who are condemned. But those who take drugs, have tattoos, are promiscuous, and swear will not be condemned (remember, Jesus associated with such ones and did not harshly condemn them for it?).

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    Most of them are EXACTLY like the people in the world they BITCH about. Hypocritical turds is what I call them.

  • wha happened?
    wha happened?

    they are worse. the f%*ing scandals and orgies and other crap that went on made my non jw friends think they are nuts

  • R.Crusoe

    The main problem arises in your own soul when you try to be something completely different that everyone around you because you are sold the idea that's what gos expects of you!

    It sorta stops you doing what you want to do as well as what you dont want to do till eventually you care less about where the line is drawn!

    It disassociates the mind from its inner self and from learning how to hook up with what other humans feel and think because they then perceive you as a potential threat rather than a true friend.

    So it is true that you will feel and behave differently than not only the world, but who you are yourself!

    In short:

    You are not like yourself!

  • VM44

    Concerning "worldly talk", can anyone confirm that some of the Governing Body members used very colorful language at times?

    Judge Rutherford is known to have referred to certain groups of people as "SOBs" and in writing too! If that isn't "worldly talk", then what is?

  • LouBelle

    the pure fact that most of the little youths lead double lives - and are ""just as bad as worldly people""

  • nomoreguilt

    JW's have commited adultery. With a fellow JW'
    JW's have lied. To a fellow JW.
    JW's have been thieves. From a fellow JW.
    JW's have commited fraud. On a fellow JW.
    JW's have molested children. Their own fellow JW.
    JW's have commited incest. Their own.
    JW's have commited murder. Their fellow JW.
    JW's have deserted their spouses.
    JW's have deserted their children.

    JW's have done anything and everything that anyone else in the WORLD has done, and sometimes to the extreme. They are no differant than anyone else, they just like to think that they are.

    I have known a jw that has done each and every one of the aforementioned.


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