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  • WTWizard

    One thing I never understood is how could the angels block access to Eden if they were stuck at the one entrance? Sometime, someone would have had the brains to create another one or simply go in through the brush. Even now, people are willing to break into or out of places by using off-road entrances, and Eden could no more be secured with guards at the official entrance than the United States border be secure by placing guards at San Diego. People will go around the blockades.

    And yet, they would not go beyond that highly naive explanation--more symptoms of a Dark Ages mentality.

  • Awakened07
    my question is how could it be CALLED a flaming sword when swords had not even been invented at the time?

    Hmm. Many people say "No, of course God didn't invent the first sword, but the writer chose a word in his time that would best describe the phenomenon." If so I wonder what word(s) they used to describe it during the many years the story was passed on as an oral tradition around the camp fires before the sword was invented, from Cain up until the writer of Genesis chose to use the then existing word for 'sword' - if it wasn't shaped like a sword?

  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    They used it in the Kill Bill Movies

  • MissingLink

    Ron Wyatt is hot on it's trail and will be providing photos soon.

  • Jim_TX

    Yeah... that was always a difficult thing to understand - for me - as a kid.

    I mean... there were also animals in the Garden of Eden, right? So... did these animals get trapped there inside? Or - did they get kicked out, also?

    If the animals were left inside... then... well, geez! After a while, they would tend to overpopulate the 'garden', right? What about rabbits? Can you see the burgeoning walls, with rabbits stacked up against the butts of the angels 'guarding' the 'entrance'? Meanwhile... the angels standing stoically - trying to keep a straight face - as their butts get pressed even harder with rabbit fur.

    Or... the trees in the garden. Did they continue to grow? Talk about something needing tending! Oh, I'm sure that there are those that will say that it was a 'perfect' garden, and so it probably didn't need tending. Yeah right.


    Jim TX

  • edmond dantes
    edmond dantes

    I heard King Arthur was last seen using it to impress Guinevere. In Camelot Merlin told him how to handle a woman and It went something along the lines of ,impress 'em with your weapon Sire.

  • 10p

    and what would have happened to the insects that ate from the tree of life?

    Scientists should be looking around that general area for 6000 year old insects.

    surely if you ate from the tree of life, even the flood couldn't kill ya.

  • Fadeout

    10p: and what would have happened to the insects that ate from the tree of life? Scientists should be looking around that general area for 6000 year old insects.

    God also installed a flaming fly swatter to guard the Tree of Life. And a flaming mousetrap, and a flaming electric fence, and some flaming mosquito netting. Even the bacteria couldn't get it because of the flaming antibiotics. Yeah, it was pretty much unobtainable.

  • badboy


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