JWs' children, in a covenant relationship to Jah like the Jews ?

by aligot ripounsous 11 Replies latest watchtower beliefs

  • garybuss

    Actually, JW's do teach the doctrine of "family merit", and that "family merit" expires at puberty. That's why I was required to be baptized by Witnesses when I was 12. My (extremely superstitious) parents didn't want god to murder me at Armageddon and my "family merit" protection expired with the start of puberty. Later they shunned me because I did what they required and got baptized.

    Just the legacy of another typical Jehovah's Witness family.

  • Perry
    I have no notion of a fiery hell just like I no longer have one of satan or any demons in any dark place alone anytime! The world has dark thinkers (ones who look to bind you) in it and they are the ones who inflict damage on you and get you to do so to yourself as if they can make you take long enough piece of psychological rope to hang yourself with!

    Sounds like you've traded fear of God for fear of man. Are you afraid of being captured by the philosophies of man .... again?

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