Islam- A force for peace and understanding

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  • R.Crusoe

    The thing that puzzles me is why any human feels god needs them to punish another human who doesnt believe in him!

    My feeling is that god is aware of everything and whoever talks against god will have dealings with whoever god is at some time in the future.

    But humans being as complex as they are most likely see such individuals will adversely influence others in not following what they wish everyone to believe in!

    So again religion claims god is on its side and so ends up in a circle of reasoning where conflicts emerge which contradicts all the belief about peace and love!

    I find this dilema in most religious belief systems and it needs looking at because it is illogical and creates followers of fear instead of love as far as I can perceive!

    How is demanding death a will of a god of life?

  • DubNoMo
  • DubNoMo

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