negotiating with mom

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  • real one
    real one

    I dont know you but i have read your story. it is painful, the things you have mentioned. I hope you still Believe in God and will seek his healing power. Jesus Christ is the answer to all of our problems as long as we have faith in him. I hope that you find peace in his love.

  • Paralipomenon
    thank you!
    sorry about the formatting of the post, so thank you all the more for reading it! i was on this board 3 years ago, but can't find my login. my brother joined since, i'm sure he'll post up. i made it clear to mom that i will be supporting him and we're splitting off our own branch of the family.
    i am feeling closer and closer to closure, but i can't help but wonder: could disassociation do the trick?

    Hi sis,

    I've been debating calling mom. Tomorrow is the anniversary of nan's death so I wasn't sure if I should call to offer support or if that will increase her grief. I guess I'll give her a call too and let her decide for herself how she wants to take it.

    I'll try to give you a call tonight if you're going to be around.

  • BFD

    Such heart ache. I'm glad you still have each other.

    ((((Para & Tav))))


  • nomoreguilt

    WHEW!! Welcome to JWD dear. There are So many sad and horrific stories coming in these days, one needs a strong and compassionate heart to hold on. I feel for you dear and hope that you will be able to hold on to what is dear to you. Your brother seems to be compassionate, embrace his love for you and never let go of what your heart tells you to do.

    Some days a person could just sit here and cry all day for the irresponsible damage that the WTBTS has inflicted upon SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many young and not so young folks.


  • unique1

    Wow, I am glad you guys were able to reach a truce of sorts. That is a lot better than most of us get. And kudos to you for stating and standing up for what you believe in.

  • Bobbi

    Hi Sister in Law

    I am at a loss for words to console you and Para. Today is the 5 anniversary of my grandfathers death and last month was the 2nd anniversary of my grandmothers death. I miss them.

    I pity your mom and my mother too. They have so little joy in their lives and by rejecting us (you,Para,me and the kids) they are missing out on so much.

    We have our family unit and it is strong. We have made friends into an extended Family unit and it is strong.

    My heart breaks for you because I understand the pain you are going thru with your mom. I have stopped expecting our mothers to act like mothers but a small part of me still hopes for the kind of love and acceptance we crave.

    Call us anytime and be safe.

    Love you lots


  • Eliveleth


    My heart goes out to you. I know how it feels to be rejected by family. Time will heal the

    acute hurt you feel, but there is always that lingering twinge that never seems to go away.

    I will be praying for peace in your life. For you and your brother and his family.

    Love and hugs,

    Gramma Velta

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