Urgent! Trucker strike, trucks blocking interstates nationwide!

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  • Satans Son
    Satans Son

    Effective April 1st,

    Nationwide, truckers will be going on strike. Parking and piling their tractor trailers on interstate bridges, ramps, and places causing the maximum disruption of activities.

    ANY example of hostilities, resistance, or effort to move these trucks will result in the sidewalls being slashed when left, as a counter. Making it harder and slower to resume normal operation.

    Hurry and stock up on necessities needed for an extended stay at home, as you will not being going to work either.

    This remains in effect until the problems of our nation are solved to EVERYONES satisfaction..

    The working person will be experiencing a small inconvience and vacation from work...The fat cats will be losing billions, and will be pressuring their purchased politicians for an immediant solution..THIS time the shit is going roll UP the ladder, not down.

    Spread the word, we gonna have ourselves a Convoy, and not need any fuel for this one.

  • Inquisitor

    Funny time to choose a strike.. you know.. with April Fool's just hours away.


  • lonelysheep

    It is ILLEGAL.

    Someone called in to the NJ radio station this morning, pissed and serious. Saying at 12 noon tomorrow, this will occur. Yes, how right to make this announcement the day before April fools.

    Supposedly trucks will stop in whatever LANE they'll be in on the turnpike regardless if anyone else is right behind them or not. What a very bright way to make a point-putting others in danger.

  • Satans Son
    Satans Son

    Google it up!

    Then hurry and go stock up.

    The fat cats are going on a diet!

    It's a trucker Pearl Harbor.

    And it is NOT illegal for them to strike or quit,

    Where are you going to lock them up at? Your prisons are full, and your jails are full.

    Lock them up? Who is going to drive them and get the nation rollin again?

  • lonelysheep

    I meant that it is illegal to stop on the highway like that, not to strike. That, I can understand.

  • zeroday

    I am a truck driver and I guarantee you it will not happen...truckers have been talking strikes for decades but there is not enough solidarity out there to make it work...the vast majority of truck drivers like myself are company drivers that do not own their truck and would be fired in a second...those that do own their trucks owner operators lose money sitting and could not afford to keep their trucks running by striking...it will not happen trust me...

  • sammielee24

    I think they are very careful in calling it a slow down and not a strike. There are any number of forums that indicate that today a convoy of trucks went to capital hill and April 1st is the 'shut down'. If 12 trucks side by side simply slowed down to 35 mph and didn't even stop, it would back up traffic for miles and miles on the freeway and create gridlock. That isn't illegal. I believe the port drivers had already scheduled a shut down for May 1st and the independents actually want a full week starting May 1st. Dates I've heard are April 1st, April 3rd, April 15 and the first week of May. I hope they rally together - without them, we won't be eating, getting our pharmaceuticals, getting our parcel or mail deliveries - do it peaceful and do it right, but I think a lot of the small guys are hurting really bad and need to be heard.

    I say 'go truckers'! sammieswife.

  • sweetface2233

    If they are striking at noon, won't that be stranding everyone outside of their home? At noon I am at work, not at home. As little courtesy that the average driver gives a truck driver now, imagine the hostility toward them during and after this. Could truck drivers really be this stupid?

    As far as just slowing down to 35 miles and hour goes, hey I could deal w/ that. In the morning gridlock in DC is so bad, I don't think I've ever broken 35 MPH...maybe the traffic would be better!

  • AK - Jeff
    AK - Jeff

    Having been involved with or intimately associated with the logistics industry for a long time now, I must concur with Zero on this one. I deal with dozens [if not hundreds] of OTR drivers every day at work. I have not heard a single one 'talk this up'.

    The economies associated with independents making a living out there won't allow them to participate in this - and as mentioned, company drivers would all lose their jobs. The trucking unions are all but dead, and there is no significant unifying agency to pull this off.

    No way.


  • still_in74
    truckers have been talking strikes for decades

    all truckers do is talk.
    when I used to drive I could stand channel 19, these guys think they know everthing! yak about politics, war, oil/gas, money, real estate, the legal system, etc etc.
    You would think there are only lawyers, politicians and economists driving trucks, except not one word ever spoken could ever be substantiated by even the tiniest of facts.

    The fact is they truckers will all talk a big talk and then when none of them have the balls to do it all the racist white truck drivers will say it was because of all the "sand-n----ers!"

    Sorry, but its the truth..............

    (PS - I know not all truck drivers are like this so dont freak out on me )

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