A CHALLENGE ...........WOULD IT WORK ??????

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  • Summer wine
    Summer wine

    My husband and I have very successfully faded for about 3 years. we would dearly love my daughter and her husband to question and research the organization and find the truth for themselves.

    They know we dont go anymore and have issues. But its become a taboo subject with the S-I-L after a discussion about child abuse, where he made it obvious he didnt like the the org being "criticised"

    So I thought that i would suggest that if they read crisis of conscience and we would discuss it, then I would go to meetings for a set amount of time. Do you think this would work???

    Imput wanted

    (by the way, my hubby is appalled by this idea and would never go to another meeting, I feel anything is worth a chance)

  • Outaservice

    No, it would not work! You are safe in regarding to have to go to any future meetings.

    People generally not do anything against the Society's wishes unless..............'Their own ox gets gored!' Then, just maybe, their eyes might open a little.


  • Sirona

    It might be a good idea if you only promise to go to meetings once a week for a set number of weeks. The agreement would mean that they would also meet with you to discuss COC once a week for the same number of weeks.

    Good luck!


  • Gopher

    Oh this is so hard, when we want our family members to face reality.

    Your son-in-law has shown typical JW over-sensitivity to actual facts about the WT's pedophilia cover-up, so I doubt he'd get past chapter 2 of CoC.

    CoC and other similar information is for those who are ready for it. On this site I've read of a JW who claimed to have read CoC and said it didn't matter. So he obviously wasn't ready.

    As is often said here, the best way to influence the JW's is to show a happy and productive life IS POSSIBLE outside their organization. Once they're ready, you can be there for them. (It's like the old Buddhist proverb: When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.)

  • Hope4Others
    When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.)

    Love that!


  • Honesty

    As soon as he sees "By Raymond Franz - Former Governing Body Member" he will run from you and never ever look back.

  • burningbridges

    I've done a lot (LOT) of research on how to get the "untouchanbles" out with out causing them to pull away from you. I have considered becoming an exit counselor and am looking for someone to test my research on. In the meantime, here is what I have formulated by hearing other expert opinions: (so their not really my ideas) Fake that you need a bible study. They would be de-lighted to assist you. Admit to them, as they know, you have struggled lately with doubts and you wish they could assist you because they are the only ones you feel "comfortable" with right now. The study? The history of the Jehovah's Witnesses. Tell them that the problem you have is all the changing "light" and unfulfilled prophecies. Use THEIR literature, and make sure you are PREPARED for each study. Question question question and they will not have the answers. The older books are excellent and can be purchased online and are worth the cost (I can see the commercial now, book- $20, old magazines, $15, pulling your family members out of a cult- priceless) The old revelation book is excellent (1930s i think) and so are the old Divine plan of the ages series) I have lots of refrences for you if you do decide to try this and can assist even any way possible wether through internet or phone. It will be a long, grueling process but I guarantee that you will instill doubt in their mind. And in addition to that, they will understand where your coming from. Have both of them there, maybe with you and your hubby. And about the meetings, my opinio is who cares? its not like your going to get sucked in!!! Once you see the "real truth" the BS they feed you is so apparant. If it will save your family, why not? But nothing excessive here. If you really really want this, you can do it. But it will be sneaky, it will be frustrating, and it will be time consuming. IN the end, you could never tell them what you did either because they would feel utterly deceived. It has to seem like you discovered all this together but you had doubts for awhile.

  • jaguarbass

    There are more and bigger reasons not to sell magazines for the Wac tower society than child abuse.

    Jehober himself is an advocate of child abuse and sacrafice.

    But Jehober comes down hard on false phrophecy and the wac tower society has gotten their tit in that ringer many times.

  • WTWizard

    I think the more likely outcome is that, if you go to one boasting session, that they would attempt to recapture you or start hounding you to clean up your thinking or get out. If you attempt to suggest reading Crisis of Conscience, you are likely to be going behind three of the hounders in a judicial hearing.

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