Child Abuse Trials

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  • Garrett

    Hi everyone,

    I'm currently working something up to share with a few people.

    I was wondering if anyone knew the current number (estimation) of child abuse cases that are going on (that we know about)? I don't get much time to be on here right now but it seems that cases are sprouting everywhere.

    Is this true or is it multiple posts about the same or related cases?

    Thanks guys and as always, peace and love,


  • Divergent
    Adding on to what Garrett said, does anyone know of any abuse cases in Central America / Asia? Was wondering about that since the widely reported cases are only from the US / Europe...
  • defender of truth
  • Gayle

    Just saw this:

    A list of different crimes by jws, just a starter list.

  • Garrett
    @Defend Of Truth @Gayle Thank you :)
  • gone for good
    gone for good

    You are unlikely to hear of abuse cases from Central America. Those countries are ''lawless'' in practical terms.

    The leaders flap their gums, fly about the world slurping hors d'oeurves at conventions for child care and protection etc.etc., adding their countries as signatories to noble ideas - then they return home and do absolutely nothing to implement any improvements or pass into law the protection of rights.

    There is no family law, no child support laws even. Child abuse (like all forms of crime) is rampant - only making the public awareness when a very young girl becomes pregnant .

    Litigation is dangerous as applicants, witnesses, prosecutors and media sources are often murdered.

    Not hard to see why an American JW child molester was located in Central America a few years back.

  • flipper
    As the scan shows regarding United Kingdom about 27 and from what I've read about 25 to 30 in the United States right now with several different law firms working on these cases. So that's just two countries that I'm aware of- so you can only imagine what's happening in Australia where I've also heard more are coming down the pike and other areas in the world. If we really knew about ALL of them going on - it may be over 100 worldwide - hard to tell. Enough of them going on to cause WT Society some financial and PR concern though. Bad Karma's coming back to bite them where it counts. Peace out , Mr. Flipper
  • Nambo

    My Swedish Niece was raped by her father when the family were active JW.s, don't know if that was viewed as a JW affair or a family affair, I live in England and don,t like to push for too many details of such a painful subject, but apparently was well reported in the Swedish National media.

    She won and he was found guilty but he appealed and it went to High Court where a clever lawyer outwitted her, so he then got off.

  • flipper
    NAMBO- I'm so sorry that your nieces molester got off from not being prosecuted for his crime against her. Especially since it was her own father. Disgusting. That's why we need to shout about this WT child abuse stuff from the rooftops. I hope your niece gets support and counseling to help her through. Take care, Peace out, Mr. Flipper
  • Crazyguy
    I read somewhere some attorneys were going to pursue some of these cases and had 2000 cases to choose from in the USA alone.

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