Dateline episode - Mistaken Identity

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  • Bonnie_Clyde

    Did anyone see this last night? Just incredible! A semi-truck slammed into a van killing 5 passengers. Two of the girls resembled one another, and the wrong girl was pronounced dead. The other girl was in a coma, and the wrong set of parents and siblings spent five weeks at her bedside in the hospital before the error was discovered. The other parents thought they were burying their daughter (1500 people attended the funeral), only to discover she was still alive. After two years, she is back to normal.

    The story ended with the families united in their grief and in their love. It was soooo touching....


  • mouthy

    I did see part of it ,then listened to the conferance call. But the girls did look alike . I enjoyed hearing what the man said in the closing prayer.

  • tika

    I missed it but my aunt is from the same town as the girl who was in the hospital and told us how huge her funeral was. How heartbreaking especially for the family who thought all that time that their daughter was alive.

  • Hope4Others

    That would be heart wrenching, 5 weeks of hope and then its gone again.

    Truly Sad


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