AND you think you pay to much for GAS...

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  • WTWizard

    Granted, $700 is a lot to pay for fuel. But, imagine how much you would end up paying if the Watchtower Society had control of the measurements--at least we have stable gallons (or liters, depending on whether you are in a country where they are metric). The Tower would have measurements that would fluctuate at the whim of the Filthful and Disgraceful Slavebugger. Plus, you would have to buy more of it to go out in field circus.

  • zeroday
    Plus, you would have to buy more of it to go out in field circus.

    The next thing that will happen the WTS will add on a fuel surcharge to their magazines...

  • llbh
    YEa right and how many American are willing to pay $12 a gallon gas for third world health care...

    Our health is not third world - far from No one right or left is going to even talk about removng it because by and large it works

    A friend of mine spent 4 weeks in in hospital recently 2 in an ITU. He will need medicaton for the rest of his life ( he had a stroke) he paid in for the health service like all of us now he gets the life saving treatment at no cost to hm

    So no i do not mind paying $11 for gas

    BTW Mrs Thatcher was not a socialist and she never even talked about dismantling the health service.



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