What are the Witnesses Afraid Of ?

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  • Sour Grapes
    Sour Grapes

    If the Witnesses have the Truth and have been going to meetings for many years and every week they learn how to be effective in the ministry and learn about the Bible on Sundays and every week have a Family Worship Night, why are they afraid to talk to anyone who doesn't agree with them or question their beliefs? If they have the Truth then nothing can refute it. The truth is the truth. They either can't explain what they believe, they don't know what they believe, they don't care what they believe, or maybe it is as simple as they don't have the Truth. Maybe the easy way out is to say "Oh my God it is an apostate, we can't talk to you". Then they will brag to other Witnesses that they came across an apostate in service like it is a badge of honor.

    Even if you were not a Witness and do not go to church and don't believe if God, they would still call you an apostate if you ask them about the overlapping generations or is it fair to need two witnesses in child molesting cases.

    Sour Grapes

  • rmt1

    They do not have the first understanding of what the word truth means. Take this coarse-grained stab at this very general idea: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Truth . They do not have the first thing approaching the generally accepted definition of truth. They falsely advertise their afterlife product. It is the same degree of fraud as when they dare to breathe the word "accurate". They simply have no practiced, experienced, lived, vetted, calibrated, sensation of what truth is. It is just a ho 'nother planet.

  • Hairtrigger
    Because satan is more powerful than Big J and can corrupt the faithful within a few minutes of them reading or talking to anyone with dissenting ideas!! No matter what evidence is brought before them, it is all a fabrication of satan's minions to entrap them!! While Big J remains helpless to save them from one of his own creations!!
  • freemindfade

    Same thing I have always said, the truth should stand on its own whatever it is, it shouldn't be a house of cards that can be threatened by the slightest breeze.

    There is a saying I love:

    A lie has many variations, the truth none. - African Proverb

  • Megjana

    As a former JW, I remember being afraid of Jehovah seeing me, or the congregation some how knowing I stepped outside of this imaginary bubble of everything related to 'The Truth'. I thought having knowledge of other religions would somehow go against my the Jehovah. So I would often avoid any type of conversation, books, TV shows, movies. Anything that wasn't essentially part of the religion. I would happily preach about the organization and Jehovah, etc... I was completely brainwashed, as was most everyone in my family. I began questioning the contradictions between the books and the bible and I was immediately approached by an elder the next time I went to a meeting... a 60 year old man approaching at 12-13 year old girl and telling her not to question the religion. It was weird.

    I basically felt like I was on a tether. I started in at a very young age, because my mom thought it would save us all.

    Once I accepted the thought that I could have my own thoughts, and nobody could own these except me... I was able to question the religion enough to just stop going. I was going non-stop to every meeting, bible study, out in service, etc.. And then one day at the ripe old age of 13, going on 14 I just stopped. Flat out refused to go, and it was one of the best decisions I have ever made in my life. I felt free for the first time.

  • stuckinarut2
    It is called arrogance...
  • smiddy

    They are afraid " their" truth is not the "real" truth .When somebody who knows a little about Jehovah witness belief`s challenges them on some point they are afraid to be exposed as to believing a lie , they do not want to be confronted with that scenario .


  • Xanthippe

    Sadly they have been mind-controlled to believe the whole world is out to get them. They can't listen to anyone's ideas because everyone in the 'world' is in the grip of Satan who is trying to deceive and destroy them. Even people who seem genuine are like their father the Devil who can turn himself into an angel of light.

    Just reading what I've written makes me feel sick from the memory of all that paranoia.

  • ToesUp

    They don't understand their own beliefs. There is no substance to this religion, I don't think there ever was. It has become a social club, nothing else.

    Yelling "apostate" just allows them time enough to run the other way.

  • Phizzy

    It just shows the extent and power of the mind control they are under.

    The Truth will withstand any scrutiny, any attack, it is the Lie that fails when Truth confronts it.

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