Elders Must Testify; Attorneys to Appeal

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  • Burger Time
    Burger Time

    If they lied it would be a complete debacle. Again if he never admitted he did it then why would the Defense Attorney not turn that to his advantage?

  • dawg

    Burger time... he doesn't want the elders to testify because the man is guilty as charged! The WT is going down...

  • SirNose586

    Clark said Simental's statements to the judicial committee should be treated the way the statements a Roman Catholic makes to a priest in a confessional are. [[ No way. He didn't...just say this? Amazing, isn't it?]]
    It reminds me of a theory that I have long held: the WTS wishes it could have the power and hierarchy of the Catholic church, and that's why it feels most threatened by it.

  • MeneMene

    The elders also told the father that Simental had never done this before and was no danger to the community, he said.

    If convicted of all charges, Simental faces 45 years to life in prison.

    Simental is charged with a similar allegation in another criminal case. That case is currently awaiting trial.

    Anyone else notice this? I haven't heard anything about the other case. Wonder if it is the same girls or different one(s).

  • blondie

    The WTS has a lot at stake here if their little communications are not considered confidential. Imagine what they might have to reveal. Things they want to keep from humans but don't seem to care that God does not approve. jws worship men not God.


  • DT

    I wonder if this will change the way Jehovah's Witnesses conduct judicial hearings. If the communication isn't confidential, more people will want to have lawyers present or record the proceedings. The power of the elders will be compromised if no one is willing to talk to them or admit to wrongdoing. They may have to decide more cases without the input of the accused.

  • Wordly Andre
    Wordly Andre

    Based on Jehovah’s Witnesses practice of dealing with members of the congregation, makes the confidentiality VOID! As a member you have no perceptions of confidentiality when confessing your sins to the elders, by means of lets say you are guilty and the elders find you guilty, they make a public announcement that you are Disfellowshipped, Reproved, etc. that throws the perception of confidentiality out the window, the elders don’t have to give details of your actions, just by means of announcing that you are guilty of sin, and have been punished and announced to the entire congregation you have no expectations that the matter will be kept in strict confidence.

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