using your car in service

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  • Casper

    That was very considerate and understanding of you, Lancelink


  • buffalosrfree
    I made life simple go with me into the rurals and no kids allowed. If they had them they ain't riding with me, and if the elders didn't like it too bad. I always enjoyed rurals, people are friendlier out there.
  • keyser soze
    keyser soze

    My favorite was driving in rural territory with a brother who didn't keep good records and thought he could find a house he called on months ago by memory. We must've drove for a half hour looking for this house, all while my gas gauge was on empty. I think we passed the actual house about 5 times.

  • WTWizard

    If they insist on using your car all the time, a ground rule is that you control when they are going in. If Brother Hounder doesn't like that, then he had better find someone else to drive. That means if you feel like going in at 11 AM when they need the work to continue until 6 PM, they are all going in at 11 AM whether they like it or not, even if they need the time to make their pioneer requirements. Once it reaches that time, people are going to be driven home or back to their cars whether or not they like it, and if they have that study they have to go on, they are going to have to get there on their own.

    And, if they don't like that, then stop going out at all. That way, they won't get to use your car at all. Not to mention they will lose your help altogether. If they try to disfellowship you for insubordination, that is a good judicial hearing to record (and let them know you are going to record it, like it or not), and post on YouTube. What embarrassment that will be.

  • Hope4Others
    Lots of laughing comments about the car running on "holy spirit." I don't recall anyone filling the tank for me.

    Ya, that is pretty sad, fortunately or "Lucky For Me" a little spin on the other thread but I use to take out the older ones mostly because I got along

    well with them and they were very appreciative, we did a lot of rural territory I was often given money by each in the car group they were very generous. Exception,

    was anyone my age never helped contribute to gas.


  • Shadow1

    I'm sure my wife will never use my car for's a Mini Cooper!!! lol

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