Immigration Laws

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  • ColdRedRain

    Immigration Laws

    Bilingual programs in the schools are prohibited.

    *************** There are no bilingual ballots for citizens that speak a different language from the majority of citizens.

    ************** All government business will be conducted in the language of the majority of the population.

    *************** Non-citizens are not allowed to vote.

    *************** Foreign nationals, even if naturalized, are not allowed to run for office.

    **************** Foreign nationals, even if they gained citizenship, are not allowed access to government programs.

    ***************** Foreign nationals may invest in this country, but it must be 40K more than the minimum wage.

    ***************** Foreign nationals may buy property, but beachfront property is only reserved for citizens. If you wish to buy beachfront property, you should try to naturalize yourself, which would include the revocation of your previous country's citizenship. Usually, in this country, the rich, Caucasian elite own everything, so the regular citizen's chances of owning property is microscopic.

    ********************* Alien residents may not protest nor may not wave other country's flags except in cultural fairs.

    ************* Undocumented alien residents are pursued aggressively and are sent to prison, which after their prison sentence, they're deported across the border. No regional differences are taken into consideration, if you're a national of a bordering country. If you're from one state or province of the bordering country and they deported you to another state or province, too bad.

    **************** This North American country has very strict and harsh immigration laws. You might say "This North American country should make its immigration laws less strict".

    However, you will be suprised at the name of this country and its united states. The united states I speak of are the united Mexican states. That's right. Mexico.

  • Layla33


    How do you feel about our immigration laws and the millions of "illegal" immigrants in this country? Why do you think the real reason is our current immigration laws are not enforced?

  • megaflower

    The USA need to adopt the Mexican policy. The bottom line is, if you are not legal then no benifits.

  • jaguarbass

    welcome to the dingbats father's New world order.

    Did you see the thousand points of light?

  • ColdRedRain

    "ColdRedRain, How do you feel about our immigration laws and the millions of "illegal" immigrants in this country? Why do you think the real reason is our current immigration laws are not enforced?"

    Simple. Politics and cost. It costs too much to ship the illegal undocumented aliens home and also nobody wants to be labelled a "racist" for trying to get rid of people who really have no business being here. A good way to stop future illegal entry is to severely fine businesses for hiring illegal immigrants. A surefire way to stop illegal immigration cold is to get every worker in the country to submit a fingerprint, but not only is that highly unconstitutional and unethical, it's not cost-effective.

    Personally, I sympathize with the Mexican aliens that are here because illegal immigration's a symptom of the Spanish-Mexicans' Apartheid-like tactics with the common Native American Mexican people, but the way they're doing it is wrong.

    There are ways to enter the country that's safe for both the alien and the American (Like how I legally immigrated to this country) and the way the illegal aliens are doing it is unsafe. You'll surely change your stance on illegal "immigration" as soon as a glut people that are susceptible to TB move into your neighborhood, and you know that they didn't get a manteau test. A manteau test, if you do not konw, is a requirement for ALL people who legally enter the country.

  • jaguarbass

    Here in Florida, the government is hiring the illegals. They hire a contractor to cut the grass on government property and he ships in a truckload of mexicans and he does it right in front of the Governments eyes.

    And unless the people running the government just fell off a pumpkin wagon, they know whats going on. Thats how they get the low bid's on the contracts by hiring people who do not pay social security and any other benefits to their workers.

    And you can look at the people who are doing the work they are all 5 foot tall and look like aztecs.

    Everything in Amerika is short term, what can you do for me today?

    If we put our government officials in jail starting at the top and the back of the alphebet about W. The puppet masters probably still wont get the message.

  • Layla33

    I understand ColdRedRain, and no I don't think it is racist to want balanced and fair control/regulation of immigration laws. I do believe we need to put the blame squarely where it belongs and that is this capitalistic government that wants to save money by importing labor where they do not have to pay for health insurance benefits, where they can use their labor for social security, and still allow them to live here without going through the immigration process.

    I know plenty of people, some of my closest friends who went through the immigration process the legal way. They paid thousands of dollars, were screened for health issues, criminal background and was not able to travel home until everything was finalized. For all of those that don't respect that, it undermines those that do. I still remember when one of my best friends became a US citizen, she was so proud, and she is a positive contributing force in this country.

    I truly believe that this is the new slave class for a lot of reasons, something that this country has never truly gotten away from.

  • auxillaryapostate

    You said it right,megaflower. Here in texas, the dam illegals are givin a card for free food, clothing, and I am pretty sure they can get free gas on it for brand new cars and pickups they drive. All this because our president likes it this way.

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