I used to cut the Borg some slack...but 10 years out?...The BASTARDS!!!!

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  • Alpaca

    I've been out for 10 1/2 years.

    In the early days, after my departure, I was just glad to be out and going back to school. I felt sorry for those who were still in living a life of delusion and failed/false dreams....and, in fact, I still do feel sorry for the R&F Dubbies. I used to even cut the Borg's leadership some slack, thinking to myself that they were just caught up in their own delusions.

    But, the longer I've been on JWD the madder I get at the Borg leadership's outright deception, lies, coverups, and self-aggrandizing behavior. It is outrageous...especially, the pedophile issues that have been swept under the rug. When all of the news about the pedophile incidents started breaking, it brought back to mind an experience that a fellow elder shared with me while I was still in. His son had been sexually abused multiple times by a very promient elder in the district and nothing was ever done about it. As far as I know, the abuser is still a member in good standing. When I asked the elder, why he never did anything about it, he said he thought it was best to "leave it in Jehovah's hands." Can you imagine sacrificing the well being of your own child for that kind of bullshit???

    The Borg absolutely reeks of rotten, putrid, filth that even the so-called "world" would find repulsive. All I can say is, BASTARDS, BASTARDS, LYING BASTARDS!!!!!

    Just thought I would share my cheery side.....


  • Layla33

    There is nothing wrong with that feeling, as long as you feel the anger, acknowledge it but don't let it consume you.

    I go through periods like that myself, especially when I hear people still making excuses for them, but then I realize they have a right to their own path and that one day I hope they get it.

    But with all the lying, hypocritical sermonizing they do, back tracking, I feel you. I really do.

  • Robdar

    Well said! I feel exactly the same way. They ARE bastards. This is one reason that I can't get behind outofthebox's promotion to elder. If indeed he was promoted.

  • Homerovah the Almighty
    Homerovah the Almighty

    With you 100 % Alpaca, it is all but lies and misconceptions from the very beginning as it is today , all for the obtainable power and money

    Corruption can present itself in different colors can it not.

    The thought of those children needlessly dieing is another contention I have with this cult.

    Power can corrupt even the most noble of men given the proper and right circumstances and that is quite notable here.

  • Nathan Natas
    Nathan Natas

    Alpaca said,

    In the early days, after my departure, I was just glad to be out and going back to school. I felt sorry for those who were still in... But, the longer I've been on JWD the madder I get at the Borg leadership's outright deception, lies, coverups, and self-aggrandizing behavior...

    What you've described is well-known in psychology as "the Stockholm Syndrome." The increase in your level of anger is an indication that your former captors have less of a hold on you mentally.

  • Alpaca


    Good point. I am familiar with the Stockholm syndrome but never thought about as applied to myself.

    I was free of them the day I left...actually, I was mentally free for a couple of years prior to that.

    The reason that the stories on this board make me so mad is that I now realize the devastating effect the Borg has had on so many lives.

    I escaped relatively unscathed, partly because of my personal circumstances. All of my family in the Borg, were related by marriage, and my ex and I didn't have any kids. I was able to pick up my life and move on with relative ease. But, when I read these experiences of people who stay in because they are 3rd or 4th generation Dubbies and all their family and friends are Dubs and it is all they have ever known and there is no where for them to go without giving it all up... it breaks my heart.

    It is beyond me how these individuals cope from day to day being forced to live a lie as the price for maintaining their social and family ties.


  • cognac
    Just thought I would share my cheery side.....

    Remind me not to get on your bad side, lol...

  • oompa

    Alpaca, Alpaca, Apaca....Here I am reading a Self Help book on how important it is to let those feeling go! "I Can Do It" by Louise Hay.....mostly good, some a bit over the top. Something tells me it is easier mentally to let it go, but it does not always happen.

    PS....Have I ever told you about an unusual farm near me???? HA.....................................................oompa

  • senora

    I used to even cut the Borg's leadership some slack, thinking to myself that they were just caught up in their own delusions.

    I was just thinking that same thought a half hour ago. This is the first memorial I am missing since I'm in the process of fading.

    I was thinking "are they (the borg leadership) really sincere but caught up in their own dissolusion? Maybe I shouldn't blame them. But you are right, and as I thought about it, they have everything so well thought out and orchestrated the same way with every elder body, congregation and situation (like pedophiles). They know how they want things handled and its handled according to borg guidelines. I'm sure they have seen the pain that they are causing people but they don't give 2 sh$ts whatsoever. They are like the Pharasis and that's what the real deal is.

    The elders, which is the leadership in the congregation, absolutely do not care about the flock. That's why I admire Bowen and what he has done. They care about protecting the borg, as a corporation, Bowen didn't care and walked away from it all and didn't think twice and on top of that did the most corageos thing, like David against Goliath. I realize the borg leadership have no love for God/Jesus and shepherding the flock under any type of good care, their loyalty is to the GB and that is really really extremely sad. People go to them for everything, they really look up to these men but these men don't care about sheperding these people for anything having to do with God or love or sincere concern, but only for the concerns of the GB. Doesn't it bother these shepherds to know that they are not working for God? Do you mean to tell me that these Elders have no idea that the proceedures they are obligated to conduct for the GB is wrong? Are they dissolusioned or something? Or, do they know and just don't care? Why would they bother to be used to hurt people? They have the bible just like I do, and they can't see that they are doing things wrong in Gods eyes? They are on that platform constantly, what the heck is wrong with their brains?? If I were an elder I couln't do it. What kind of human beings are they? Are they cowards, are they ignorant, are they dissolusioned?? I don't get it. Its just sad.

  • jamiebowers

    Hey, don't feel bad. I've been out for more than 20 years, and every once in a while I just get furious about the child abuse cover ups and fall out from disfellowshipping. I was disfellowshipped when I told the elders that I wanted no part of an organization that insisted I either stay with a crazy jw husband or remain single until I could prove adultery on his part. This guy was dangerous. He beat me, he threatened me and was committed twice by force to mental institutions by doctors and judges. He did wierd sexual things to himself and terrorized me for almost 7 years. But he would go and cry and confess to the elders, stop seeing his psychiatrist and taking his meds and beat the hell out of me or do things to scare me like drive into oncoming traffic. The elders solution was for me to be a better wife and wait on Jehovah. After he was committed the second time, I was running for my life and hardly wanted to wait around to see what he would do next, adultery or otherwise. I was also advised by a ms that he was a homosexual, so I could just see him hanging out with guys and me never being able to prove adultery, since women probably weren't his thing, except for maybe cover. Do you know what really pisses me off? To this day, he can socialize with my mom all he wants to, yet the only contact I have with her is when I need medical information about her side of the family. Yes, it is infuriating, but you can't let it eat you up. Regardless of how evil the WTB&TS is, my mother has a choice, and she chooses them--nothing I can do about that. But I warn everyone I know about their abusive nature towards women and children.

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