Busted Dreams--11/1/1989 Style (Big puke alert)

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  • sir82


    You have one of the most recognizable posting styles on the board - always entertaining.

    What's your story? There is a personal bitterness that shines through on virtually everything you write - as if the "Fitful and Disgraceful Slavebugger" purposely deprived you of something important & precious to you personally.

    Are there any details you care to share? I'm just curious as to what drives your seemingly endless supply of virtriol for the borg. I have no great love for them either, but my level of rancor is apparently a mere fraction of yours.

    Maybe you posted it earlier - if so, just point us to the link.

  • quietlyleaving


    HI quietlyleaving I daren't let myself do another topic, I'm too raging at the world atm my hurt and hate and like bubbles I can't keep down, this forum helps to a degree but i'm a bit of a cookoo on here, Because i'm a humanity hater as apposed to JW hater. I blame men lol

    My first and last topic went to 18 pages and made me realise I wasn't on the same par as most on here. After 10 years out of JW's I can't blame them for my stupid mistakes but I can blame society and men and this "freedom" thats so wonderful for some but craps all over others....

    Reniaa (a bitter twisted but nice underneath it all person) hehe

    I'm glad the forum helps - vent away. There are lots on here who are living with other people's "freedoms".

    Terry is bringing up his children on his own.

    AKJeff and his wife are bringing up their grandchildren.

    A&W is taking care of her grand daughter on her own.

    Snowbird is caring for her grand daughter.

    Blondie's life story is inspiring too.

    There are so many others. Being 'bitter' about stuff that has happened is human too so don't be so hard on yourself. Most of us have been there and go there when we remember. So whatever you do be very cautious about going back to JWism. Our minds are very selective and we tend to remember all the good things and somehow forget the bad stuff. Read the experiences of those who did go back after they became pregnant and now wish they hadn't.


  • quietlyleaving

    forgot to mention coolhandluke - he has become the father of a 15 yr old.


  • reniaa

    thx quietleaving I will, if I go back to JW's it will be because I love jehovah to much to give him up :) people are bad everywhere you cannot escape it.


  • R.Crusoe

    The WT tries to completely scam humans by saying Jehovah wants them to have fun and enjoy life!

    Then it sets about dismantling so many enjoyeable things that one is left wondering when these times are gong to happen and of course they never do!

    They know you will feel this and so keep reminding you how close the end is!

    By the time many realise what a big scam it all is it is way too late to go get a life of fun and leaves most in a 'limbo' for the rest of their days!

    It is a funded 'population control mechanism' governments will allow so long as they see it provides fewer problems than mainstraem society and so much WT doctrine will be pandering to governments ideals just to keep its status whilst within their control. In effect it is from no god but just WT self appointed directors.

    Are men or women to blame for it all? It is a tricky question as with so much of society though it does appear men get blamed for a lot of things hence 10men :1woman are locked up in prisons as if somehow indicating we think in more evil ways!

    I refute that and say, in part, it's down to dominant sections of society placing way too much responsibility and expectation on those who then fail and get punished for doing so!

  • Sirona

    Watchtower society does not = Jehovah

    Leaving the Watchtower society is not leaving Jehovah

    Just my 2p


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