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  • applejuice

    my name is brian, i am still a little confused, am looking for friends and guidance in this difficult time, can anyone connect ?

  • Priest73

    tell us a little bit about yourself Brian...

  • beksbks

    Hello Brian, welcome to the forum!! May you live long and ...............well, you know.

  • Barbie Doll
    Barbie Doll

    WELCOME to the Board

  • applejuice

    thank you, i am brian from england, i am 34 years old and was quite bored with life, i decided to travel to asia for an extended holiday which is where i met a friendly JW family from the UK, i spent quite some time with them and found them to be extremely welcoming and friendly, we did not talk too much about JW but i have decided by myself that i would like to learn more as the enormous sense of serenity and well-being that i felt was quite overwhelming, i hope to learn much more.

  • Jeep Charokee
    Jeep Charokee

    Hello Applejuice/Brian,

    I just wanted to return the favour you extended to me by replying to my thread.

    Also i think you may have ended up here accidentally, as this forum is actually for people that were JW or are friends or relatives of active JWs and disagree with the religion. *I hope i have put that correctly guys, sorry if that is incorrect*

    It may be a good thing that you have happened upon the forum as it will give you a chance to hear a balanced view, which is something you would not get from a JW or fundamentalist christian.

    I encourage you to read this board, and think carefully before embarking on any spritual journeys.

    I would also say that there are other ways to find YOUR way in life than through religion.

    Think for yourself, dont believe the hype.

    From the welcome you gave me on my thread, and some of the other things you have posted you seem like a really nice guy, perhaps a little trusting if anything.

    I dont mean that as a criticism, not at all. I wish the world was full of people like you. But maybe you are susceptable to the very sort of people that can not only spot that element in you but can exploit it.

    Take care Brian, i wish you all the best in life my friend, and i hope you find the answers you seek, but on your own terms.


  • mouthy

    Welcome my friend. I too think your in a place you didnt expect. But while your here I will tell you I too used to have people for other countries stay with me. Because I was a JW for 25 years. & in doing such kindnesses to these people I was able to convert a couple to Jehovahs Witnesses. You will find kind people in all religions. But do check out what the religion believes. No birthdays, No Christmas, Must not take blood, must not salute the flag. Must hate any one that doesnt become a JW.... Do be careful. In the end I made 10 people JW's & I was kicked out because I said I didnt believe Jesus came invisably in 1914 They will tell you YOU must believe that

  • Casper

    Hi, Applejuice,

    Welcome to the board ... hang around awhile, I'm sure you will find something of interest and

    maybe a few answers you are looking for.


  • potentialJWconvertswife

    Welcome, Brian! You'll find many friendly folks here, but only a handful are still "active" witnesses. If you're looking for answers, you will find those, too. Check it out, very helpful and informative. -Potential

  • Pickled

    Brian, what has left you feeling confused, and what are the difficult parts?

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