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  • Samuel Thorsen
    Samuel Thorsen

    I have never seen this before

  • Dagney

    I don't know where this is, but I was sent some pictures of billboards in Brazil with the Memorial announcement from a missionary. The pictures are making the rounds now with some clever comments.

  • Samuel Thorsen
    Samuel Thorsen

    Yes. This is Brazil.

    I belive pictures are circulating among dubs these days.

  • mouthy

    Oh what a crime.... They are giving it out on BILLBOARDS now. what next Telivision?

  • WTWizard

    What's next, having Crapmorial decorations in front of every house? I can see the tables with the plates of fake crackers and glasses that look like they have spoiled grape juice in them, heated so any snow that falls on them will melt (and put more carbon dioxide in the air than the Christmas lights, which will turn green with envy). I can see huge banners of Watchtower approved Last Supper pictures on every house and door, lit. I can see New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures books on every door. I can see businesses advertising this.

    What a blatant waste of billboard space! What would they do if someone put another billboard right below each of these with advertisement not to join the witlesses? Or, if they got the lawns and houses decked out for the Crapmorial, maybe Katrina (the hurricane) could be put to good work in demolishing every single one of them and dumping them in a pile in Ted Jaracz's room (all smashed).

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