Happy St.Patricks Day!!! Sat 15th March 2008

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  • digderidoo

    St.Patricks day this year has been changed to today 15th March by the catholic church so that it does'nt coincide with Holy Monday (17th March for 2008). Although i dont think many will take heed of this change.

    www.channel4.com/news/articles/world/st+patricks+day+to+be+moved+in+2008/608847 - 35k

    Bit mad as St. Patricks day is generally held on the 17th, but as this is the case Happy St.Patricks Day and careful on the Guiness.


  • ozziepost

    Beware the "Ides of March"

  • nomoreguilt

    happy St Patty's day to you!!! I heard a news report last week , before the date was changed to today. In Boston, there was an uproar about the catholics not being able to indulge in the Corned beef ritual. So, one fine Irish man said this," We were IRISH long before we were CATHOLIC." I loved it.


  • BurnTheShips
  • Quirky1

    I agree wit ya mate! I am happily Irish! (with a little Scottish, German and American Indian) Basically a mutt but me name is Irish.


  • Hope4Others

    Happy St. Patty's


  • momzcrazy

    Legend of Saint Patrick
    Good St. Patrick travelled far, to teach God's Holy Word
    And when he came to Erin's sod, a wondrous thing occurred
    He plucked a shamrock from the earth and held it in His hand
    To symbolise the Trinity that all might understand
    The first leaf for the Father
    And the second for the Son
    The third leaf for the Holy Spirit
    All three of them in one.

    Kiss me I'm Irish! momz

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