Yet more proofs of God's nonexistence- When will the believers get it?

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  • dawg

    Or until your talking snakes scooby doo's and tells me to eat an fruit Snowbird...LOL! Or until you can come up with any possible logical explanation of how 30 billion species fit on a ship? There's more, but I'm sure you'll just make it fit as usual! LOL!

  • BurnTheShips


    1. God must not exist, since the majority of people on Earth aren't Christians.
    2. Theist - "But the majority of the people on Earth DO believe in God, so, by your logic, God DOES exist."
    3. So? Are you saying that the majority of people believing something automatically makes it true?
    4. Theist - ""
    5. Therefore, God does not exist.

    I have personally had that one handed to me right here!


  • snowbird
    There's more, but I'm sure you'll just make it fit as usual! LOL!

    Touche' Dawg.


  • inrainbows

    Oh deary deary me...

    And which side is the butter on?

  • snowbird

    Oh deary deary me...

    And which side is the butter on?

    The butter is on both sides, but it's a little rancid on the other side.


    Edited to add: Welcome, Inrainbows.

  • inrainbows

    Thanks for the welcome snowbird but I'm an old hand under a new name.

    I am reborn, without any of the creepy happy-clappy associations I hasten to say.

    It is funny how the board looks after a leave-of-absense...

  • Caedes


    I hope they do another one based on things atheists really say. Now that would be really, really funny!

  • Shawn10538

    this is a huge STRAW MAN argument. Real atheists do not subscribe to the belief that god can be disproved. All of those arguments are completely nonsensical, illogical and fallacious. The premises are either totally false or unprovable and unknowable. No atheist I know subscribes to these arguments. I think they are just a joke that someone put up and not meant to be taken seriously. The fact is that any scientific person and any good atheist admits that one cannot prove the non-existece of god. It just can't be done. We cannot prove that green martians don't exist. We cannot prove the purple people eater does not exist. We cannot prove Santa does not exist. We cannot prove ANYTHING does not exist. It is impossible.

    The strongest argument that a real atheist will make is that we do not have any evidence of god's existence. That is about as far as you can take the matter. Nothing will ever change this fact. There is simply no such thing as proof of somethintg's non-existence. Hopefully this post was just a joke.

  • inrainbows


    Well exactly, anyone claiming they can disprove god is in the same catagory as someone claiming that there are no transitional fossils. Both claims are hugely ridiculous to anyone who is remotely informed about the subject, and act as a red flag if you're hoping to have a worthwhile conversation.

    My personal positon is that the 'is there a god' debate is normally hampered by the people taking part in it not actually defining 'god' before the discussion. Without a clear idea of what you are arguing for the existence of (or against), you're just wearing out your keyboard.

  • Pubsinger

    That was well funny.

    I prefer my arguement supporting my belief in God.

    I believe in God.
    You don't.
    So sue me.
    Fancy a beer.

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