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  • Patrynz
    Patrynz I got to work today and one of my more flambuoyant co-workers who is familiar with my xjw past came up to me and told me that he had been invited to "support" a JW sister giving a talk at a theocratic ministry school meeting...ok now my co worker is a very nice guy...his boyfriend also agrees... my co-worker asked me why he got that invitation when their view on his sexuality is not the best in the world...I really didnt know what to co worker went to the meeting and sat there trying not to fall hadnt laughed so hard at a story in a while...

    Doesnt it seem a bit odd for a witless sister to ask a gay man for support in anything, much less giving a talk?! Not that I care about his sexuality I just find it rather highly amusing that a witness would ask that of a gay man....just another piece of (WTF) for me to chew on...gawd i cant wait til the memorial to see what happens...just more fodder for a lengthy comic routine broadcast at my leisure...

    My fiancee got a huge laugh when i told her about just made me appreciate her all the more...

  • JK666


    Welcome to JWD!

    Maybe she just wanted to "straighten" him out for Jehovah? And count time.


  • Patrynz
    Patrynz just thought that was so doing a 5 minute part AND getting an hour of field service counted? wow..gettin clever they are....

  • Open mind
    Open mind

    WTF? is right.

    Has your co-worker asked the JW about how her religion views homosexuality?

    You know, in a confused, concerned, "I just don't understand" sort of way?

    Just curious.


  • Patrynz

    Ill have to ask my co worker that one...I dont know if he realizes the extreme belief structure that the JW's subscribe to...i think he was just tryin to be nice...but just the situation...WTF? The idea behind the double dipping of doing a talk and getting that service time in AT the same THAT is

  • jaguarbass

    Maybe she figures the wac tower can straighten out his sex life.

    And get him a ticket to paradise.

  • horrible life
    horrible life

    AND....... If she can convert him, AND...... make him heterosexual, she will almost be guaranteed a spot in paradise!

    AND... the elders and other fellow JW's, will be in awe of her. A true JW hero. Maybe be on the next assembly program.

    I can see it all now!! GLORY BE!

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