Letter to my Gran

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  • LouBelle

    This is a letter I'm sending to my gran, I've still used some JW terminology in order to reach out to her.

    Dear Gran,

    I want to let you know from the outset that I still love you, perhaps more so now than ever before. I love everything about you and accept you, your beliefs, everything that makes up Phyllis.

    As you know I've wanted to see you again, pretty much to tell you the above and to let you now that I'm doing very well. It's nearly 3 years since we've chatted, I miss our weekly dinners. I've grown in so many different ways, and so has my brother Mark, I doubt you would recognise him now. He's only 14 but getting close to 6ft and totally obsessed with soccer. With mom completing our family unit we've grown a lot closer and are more involved in each others' life. As a granny it's sad that you are not part of that.

    Gran I don't know what you've been told about me, what lies have come across as truth perhaps because "they" wanted to protect you, but I want you to know that I never turned my back on Jehovah. It was just that the organisation running the religion has more power than the God they worship. I couldn't keep living like that, being told what to believe by men thousands of miles away that had no clue what I needed spiritually.

    That being said I understand why you won't see me, I respect that even though I don't agree with it. Jesus, the man we should all be following, never treated anyone like that and even when I was a Jehovahs' Witness I must admit I never practised shunning.

    Granny I love you, Debbie your daughter loves you, Mark, the grandson whom you hardly know loves you. I hope that when your time comes to depart this world that you have no regrets Gran and that you have lived a life true to your God and true to yourself.

    May you constantly look to Jehovah to lead you and not just follow an organisation blindly just because they tell you too.

    All my love


  • Outaservice

    Well, after believing and supporting an Organization for so long, it will take great humility to admit you might have been wrong. But at least a seed was planted in your Gran's heart, and maybe God will have pity on her and help it to grow.


  • WingCommander

    PS: April Fools!!! Gran, you are a cold-hearted, easily influenced, mind-controlled lemming who would drink the Kool-Aid at the next Memorial if instructed to do so. I'm so grateful my children won't be influenced by your mindless droning and worship of a man-made organization.

    Bet you thought I was sincere, huh? Have a nice dirt nap you 'ol geezer!!



  • oompa

    LouBelle, excellent! I would send them frequently. But you may want to leave out the "following blindly" advice...nobody wants to admit they have been doing that, until they figure it out on their own IMO......Good Luck.....oompa

  • dawg

    Great letter, shows courage... good luck Loubelle

  • babygirl75

    Great letter Loubelle. I hope this helps to motivate her to open the lines of communication with you & your family, instead of shunning you.

  • chickpea

    i believe that is the truest ministry outreach i have seen in a great while...... i hope it has the desired effect

  • LouBelle

    I would love it if it would open her eyes - I trully doubt that though. I want her to know I love her no matter her religion - She is getting on in years and I don't want her to pass on thinking I, my mother or brother have a grudge.

    it's not really the preachy type letter that is why I let the following the organisation comment till the end.

    I'll let you know if anything comes of it - I'm sending it through my aunt (she doesn't believe it's the truth but is keeping it under wraps for now) I'll be adding all her lil favorites to the pressie. I don't even know if she will accept it.

  • whyizit

    Maybe you could explain that some things didn't make sense to you, and you needed answers, which you did not receive. If you do that, She may want to know what your questions were and you could begin a dialogue. If she thought she could rope you back in my explaining things, she might be open to speaking to you. THEN you could ask her the questions....have her teach you what SHE needs to know! Maybe see what the folks here on JWD found to be the most effective, and the different ways to ask, with the right attitude.

    I agree that you probably want to leave off the "following blindly" part. Anything that would kick up the defenses would not be constructive. Do you remember Columbo? He is my model. Never offended anyone, but got to the truth by asking all the right questions with a very humble and kind attitude.

    Your Granny is sure fortunate to have you. I pray she will be back in your life and free one day soon!

  • journey-on

    Beautiful letter, LouBelle. She's probably too old to change, but whether she says it or not, this letter will touch her heart.

    This religion is so painful to its followers who have family that have left it. You know they still love you, but are so afraid

    they will lose all the "points" they have gained by one small indiscretion like embracing you or writing to you or just plain

    talking to you. The trigger scriptures like "he who is faithful in the small things....blah....blah...blah" probably plays over

    and over in their heads reminding them that it's the small things like speaking to you that will wipe out every point they

    have ever earned in the service of the great Jehovah. So sad. But I would send her cards, letters, photos, etc. any time

    I felt like it, because, she probably loves every one of you but her religion has a death grip on her heart.

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