Poetic Justice little sister style

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  • LearningToFly

    Not to long ago, I emailed my sister an actual news article regarding pedophilia in the JW religion. In the email I said, wouldn't it be great to send an anonymous letter to our father with this article in it, and let him panic.

    Well, I recently found out that she did mail it.. and since then has gathered together many different types of articles regarding child sexual abuse and has been sending them to him, with no return address on them. When she told me, we both had a moment of lightness, laughing our butts off at the poetic justice of him receiving these letters, knowing that he will certainly be freaking out about it. He got away with his evilness with the JW's, and has lived free for many years. What fun to cause a little chaos in his life now! Her therapist said "Good For You" after she told him she had done this. Now its my turn to start my little mailing campaign.

    Just had to share that.. perhaps there are some of you out there who would gain a little personal empowerment by doing so as well.


  • chickpea

    PM an address and i will be happy to send anonymous mail on the subject with a US postmark.... also from NW ontario as i frequently have business there.

  • SPAZnik


  • DJK
    therapist said "Good For You"

    I don't know the history here.

    Has the therapist suggested a personal confrontation with father. From my personal experience with therapist's, I think that is coming next.

  • Fatfreek

    Keep in mind that in the U.S. you must have a return address on anything you mail. If you don't the post office will trash it (if they notice it) and there goes your effort.

    To get around it I'm sure you've already figured that out.


  • JK666


    That is so cool that your sister did that. As I have offered before, I would send anything you would like from the U.S., and now you have other volunteers too. Karma is biting him in the arse, and its about time!


  • JWdaughter

    anyone who has hurt a child should have more than a scare. This is the least of what that behavior deserves. Good for your sister!

    If you would like, I'd be happy to send him some local reminders. . .or at least send your sister a rah rah note! She deserves it!


  • White Dove
    White Dove

    Good for you and your sister! I hope he gets a big fat coronary from it!

  • Plummet

    Why not use the Kingdom Hall as the Return Address So it does not get thrown away?

  • LearningToFly

    Thank you for all your support and comments, when I first mentioned sending letters, I had actually meant to send them to others you may know, but what a great idea to have letters sent to the person I am speaking of, from others. I will speak to my sister about it, and I may take up all your offers to do so.

    Chickpea: Thank you, I/We may take up your offer.

    Spaznik: Thank you.. we had a good giggle and wished we were flies on the wall.

    DKJ: Briefly the history is this. This man was a sexual abuser. He was reported to the elders, gross details were provided, but he still got away with it. He cried, said he was sorry, and was not punished at all. He is still a witness in good standing. My sisters therapist has said the next step is to write in person to him. I did this years ago, and recieved letters back that I was demonized, on drugs, and a liar from all members of the family but him. Now is finally the time to write another letter even for myself, as my sister is doing.

    JK66: Thank you! You have been so supportive! I will take you up on that offer for sure! Karma is a good thing! Or "Poetic Justice"

    JWdaughter: Thank you! My sis is braver than I am, and deserves a ra ra letter.

    White Dove: We are hoping he has a coronary as well!

    Plummet: That is a great idea! I was just talking to my sister about that, sending it there and to the main headquarters.

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