How many of you knew this?

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  • startingover

    That the first real discovery of a dinosaur was in 1822?

    For some time now I have been of the opinion that those who believe in the bible are extremely near sighted, and are not looking at the big picture. It seems to me there is little doubt dinosaurs existed and lived here long, long ago. Long before a bible was supposedly inspired and written The fact that dinosaurs have been discovered such a short time ago in the overall scheme of thimgs just tells me how recently we have discovered what is really going on in the world we live in.

  • crapola

    That's very interesting! I've often wondered about something that you maight be able to help me with. about the creative days as being 1000 yrs long and that supposedly we've only been in existance for 6or 7 thousand years. But there indications in the scientific world of billions of years of existance for certain animals and plants etc. Whatis your thought on that?

  • Satanus

    Archeology sprouted from the solid rock of christianity. Despite heavy pressure and fear of ostracism, scientists, one after another felt moved by their consciences to renounce the christian creation story. Brave men, those pioneers of knowledge, who took their stand against the gods of the time, and accepted the evidence before their very eyes, coming, as if by birth from the earth.


  • startingover

    JW's are not capable of seeing the big picture. It's very obvious the planet we exist on has been here for a long long time.

  • crapola

    I totally agree. The earth has been here for eon's of time. I knew I had it right!

  • Budda

    When the Ancient Greeks dicovered Dinasaour Bone that thought they were the bones of a Cyclopse. What do you think JW would think of the bone if they discovered them?

  • Finally-Free

    When I was a JW I understood the "creative day" to be 7,000 years in length, but that still doesn't come even close to accounting for the age of the fossils found. When I mentioned this to other JWs their explanations varried. Some said the carbon dating techniques are inaccurate because they don't take into account the "water canopy" above the earth before Noah's flood. Others, probably thinking the "water canopy" theory sounded dumb, claimed that Satan made the fossils in order to deceive "Gods true worshippers".


  • DoomVoyager

    Watchtower no longer teaches that each creative day was 7000 years. They say they "could have been billions of years".

    However, they still claim that the first human being was created around 4000 B.C. Anyone who claims that has instantly proven that at no point does reality ever interfere with their worldview.

  • LayingLow

    I know my grandparents believed that each creative day was 7,000 years but I know that that is no longer that stance. The "Evolution vs. Creation" book indicated that the Hebrew word for "day" really meant the equivalent of "era" and therefore only meant that significant changes took place. So now there really is no limit and they do believe that it could be billions of years. And the human ancestry is definitely believed by them to be around 6,000 years thus far (give or take a hundred years, I'm not sure how their chronology works). They've changed their chronology since Russell but it hasn't changed their chronology more than 100 years. I've always found chronology to be dry so I haven't looked into it much, but I believe the Orthodox Church has a Bible chronology for man closer to 10,000 years if they still use it (Not really sure, just passively came across something one day about it).

  • penny2
    Watchtower no longer teaches that each creative day was 7000 years. They say they "could have been billions of years".

    Do you have a reference for that?

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