for fun a real age quiz

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  • megaflower

    I thought for a change of pace and to lighten things up (esp since its friday) it would be fun and interesting to take a quiz. I hope social security keeps going because it said my real age is 21 and life exp is 104. In all chronalogical age is late 40's.

    here is the link

  • momzcrazy

    Well, that cheered me up. Where's my Crown and marlboros?

  • 5thGeneration

    I'm DEAD!

  • DoomVoyager

    "real age" was 12.1! but to be fair my biological age is only 19. Life expectancy was 81 years.

  • DJK

    I have eight years left. Almost time to think about who I'm taking with me.

  • brunnhilde

    I was only twenty-four and should live until I'm ninety! Hmmm, it would be lovely to have that time back, but still keep the experience...


  • Borgia

    biological Age 41, real age 17,8.

    Now I understand why they said I did not look like over 40 the other day!.

    Life expectancy was hampered by the alcohol.....well I guess that everybody need some kind of sin .....98.2!

    I think I'm going to sit down in the sun and have a glass of wine, just to absorb the sock!



  • Frequent_Fader_Miles

    Hmmm ..... my real age turned out to be less than half of my biological age. And I get a life expectancy of over 91.

    Wonder if this test is accurate.

  • Sad emo
    Sad emo

    I'm 3 years younger than my biological age and have a life expectancy of 78 years...

    Somebody shoot me now, please

  • LouBelle

    Biological age: 31

    Real age: 18.3

    Life expectancy: 86.7

    I still got some living to do - NOW I know why so many people get a shock when I tell them I'm 31 - they just don't believe me.

    I wish to thank my family (on both sides) for such excellent genes.

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