Witness Propaganda= Hitler lost the War = He persecuted the Witnesses!!

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  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Yeah Gopher sooo tactful that stupid Rutherford..what a smooth dyplomat........"Stop persecuting us or Jehovah will Destroy you and your Party"......I can imagine Hitler saying;"Damn, Okay then release them all!" So Stupid!

  • VM44

    “Your ill-treatment of Jehovah’s witnesses shocks all good people of earth and dishonors God’s name. Refrain from further persecuting Jehovah’s witnesses; otherwise God will destroy you and your national party.”

    Oh wonderful! I wonder whose great idea it was to have many of such telegrams sent to Hitler? Did they WANT to antagonize and upset him so that he would heap persecution onto the German witnesses?

  • frozen one
    frozen one

    Hitler lost the war because an X-JW named Dwight Eisenhower opened up a can of whup-ass. A proud part of your X-JW heritage.

  • Witness 007
    Witness 007

    Hitler started sending Witnesses to the gas chamber after Rutherford's letter no doubt..........first he tried to kiss Hitler's butt.then this! Rutherford must have been mental!............Hey yeah, Ex-Witness General Eisenhower kicked Hitlers butt good point!!

  • Jringe01
    Oh wonderful! I wonder whose great idea it was to have many of such telegrams sent to Hitler? Did they WANT to antagonize and upset him so that he would heap persecution onto the German witnesses?

    Like trying to fulfill prophecy on their own...interesting thought.

    I never did swallow their line about the war. Even though they would say that now that the gentile times were over so God could interfere in man's affairs again I couldn't believe that. I guess it never occured to them that maybe, just maybe the people fighting against Germany didn't want to live under Nazi rule and (for whatever reason) wanted to liberate those who did.

    I mean this was the second time in 25 years that Germany's actions had precipitated a world conflict and the thrid time in 70 years that Germany and France had been at war. They leaders of the Western nations andd the USSR knew what Hitler was about and knew what he was doing. Although Uncle Joe was also murdering millions he wasn't taking it to the extent that Hitler was by making soap and lampshades out of people and then collecting all their gold teeth, their hair and anything else that could be a useful comodity and storing it to either sell and make money or help with the war effort.

    The fact is that Hitler was the last of the big time "Adventure conquerors". This club is limited to those few men who by sheer force of will turned their nations into machines designed to dominate the known world, bringing their culture and form of civilization with them. Alexander the Great, Julius Ceaser. Genghis Khan, Napoleon Bonaparte and Adolf Hitler all shared that particular quality.

    The world did something about Hitler because they finally had to, because they wanted to. Physically there is no way German Industry or manpower could have provided the resources to fulfill all of Hitler's ambitions. When he invaded the USSR in '41 the Italians and Romanians among others sent troops because the Germans couldn't do it on their own, they NEEDED the support of their allies. Even if Hitler could have ruled the world he could never have held it. The Germans are a powerful and strong nation, but not that strong.

    Even by Bible prophecy, if Germany really was the King of the North then they should have realized that the King of the North always seems to be on the losing side. There is no need for divine intervention in this case and even IF by some freak of nature they are right that the gentile times have ended I don't believe God would soil his hands and get directly involved in a conflict like that. The JW's tell us that the reason why there are no more miracles is because the bible is complete and now it's time to live by faith, not by sight. If this is the case then logically there is no more need for God's direct involvement in the conflicts of the world when the people of this world are perfectly capable of handling it on their own and especially now that (and I quote) "his people" are not a nation in the physical sense.

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