10 yrs since i was df'd, thinking of going to church this weekend

by orbison11 11 Replies latest jw friends

  • lavendar

    Don't be afraid to visit various churches until you find one that YOU feel comfortable in. Non-denominational churches are great; typically centering their beliefs and teachings on Jesus. Since He is the Way....the TRUTH....and the Life....this is what a church should be all about. It's nice to have the fellowship with other true believers, too. They will support & encourage you.

    Blessings to you,


  • AlyMC

    Even though I don't have a faith, I've enjoyed going to real churches the times I've gone. It can actually be a fun experience in the right places. I remember the first time my SIL came to the hall with me- she said "it is so depressing though... like don't you leave feeling more drained than when you came?" I had no idea what she meant until I went to her church and left feeling happy and uplifted.

    I often wish I could find the faith to believe, because I'd love to have a "church home" and the comfort of faith.

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