Field Service time

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  • crapola

    How many of you did like I did and sometimes added a little more time to our report than we actually had? I felt so bad when I maybe had only one hour so I would put down maybe 3. You know there was all the incidental witnessing! I'm so glad the pressure is off and I can enjoy a Saturday at home doing nothing.It seems kinda strange that a person would even need to turn time in, Just do what you felt you could do and don't be obligated to let anyone know how much it was.

  • Lo-ru-hamah

    We would fudge on our time reports. We felt that if a pioneer could count their time sitting at a box at a convention as sacred service then we could count all of the hours that we did service for the KH as sacred service. So, if we cleaned the hall - that was sacred service. If we studied with our son for more than four hours a month, we would count it. In fact, if a bible study comes to the meeting with you and you help them find scriptures then, you were allowed that time. Well, our son sat with us at every meeting and we would look up the scriptures with him. There goes five hours sacred service each week. Needless to say, we felt that we were JWs our entire life and that meant that everything we did was sacred service. So, we could count our time any time we wanted to. It was all sacred service.


  • Tired of the Hypocrisy
    Tired of the Hypocrisy

    I fudged a few times too. I don't think it is a big issue. I have been reasoning on some of the practices of jw's and this is one that sticks in my craw. I wonder if Jesus hounded the 12 to turn in their time slips on time. I wonder if Paul told Timothy about what a fine quality it is to develop a good and proper time slip and to get it in on time.

    The more I look at it this wt-BS is nothing more than corporate stooge making at its very worst.

  • Casper

    Hi Crapola....

    Don't think I have gotten to "Welcome You" yet... Good to see you here, I enjoy your posts.

    Sorry to say I can't remember ever fudging on my time slips... "WISH" now that I had thought of it ... Would have saved me some wasted time running around and getting no where.

    It all seemed like nothing but a "Numbers Game" to me... friendships depended on whether they were up or down......... just pointless.

    Hope things go well for you,


  • WTWizard

    I never really wanted any of those "privileges" that would let Jehovah reward Himself for keeping me away from the opposite sex (being a hounder, opening me up for the Value Destroyer Training School, or pioneering). So I did not give a fxxx about the wimpy field circus time. And, I always did some time to report when I turned in one. It's just that toward the end, I did dummy service.

  • Connaughty

    I remember when I was young and living in Quebec. The servant back then would pin all the older reports on the bulletin board in the Kingdom Hall. An announcement was made that the reports were ready to be picked up, now that they were recorded on the Publisher Record cards. I can tell you that there were some major fudging going on there. But that was the good ol days. I never did fudge my time though. I still wonder how the average is supposed to be 10 hrs a month. How is this possibly done, when you can't count your breaks. The Canadian labour law states that you are entitled to a paid break after working two straight hrs. If Caesar gives us 15 minutes, how much time do you think that our Creator is giving us? Field Service time is work, isn't it? Somehow this Field Service time counting is a farce. I have never seen it in the scriptures.

    I have seen in the scriptures that Jesus made sure that his disciples had some time to rest. The fact that this is recorded, doesn't it mean that it also is counted as important.

    I'm working on becoming a Governing Body member currently, and when I make it there, my first thing to change is this time thing.

    Wish me well.

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